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Doc Severinsen’s Unique Fitness Routine


On top of being a musical icon and legendary trumpeter, Doc Severinsen makes sure he hits the gym everyday. Follow his daily workout routine, including the preworkout meal he swears by — ‘cowboy oatmeal’.


- [Doc] Let's see what we've got here.

You ever hear of blackstrap molasses?

It'll set you free.

It's called 'cowboy oatmeal', and the idea is it's stuff you can carry with you out on the range.

Before I go to the gym, I've got this for a base.

This is great stuff.

Five minutes after you take it, your ears start to get hot and tingly.

(blender whirring) Lift off!

(energetic calypso music) - Look at that.

That is big boy weight.

Doc, he works out three days a week.

Remember that slow mo we do?

You're doing great.

And the only time I do not see him is if he's traveling and out of town on another engagement.

(rhythmic breathing) - One more big one.

(upbeat music) (rhythmic breathing) - [Karen] Good job!

The first time I started training him, I said, 'okay, let's take it easy'. (Doc huffing) - No, no.

He's an exception to the rule is what he is, and every time we do something, he wants more.

(Doc grunting) - [Doc] You don't come in here and just fool around doing whatever you feel like.

One wrong move in this gym can take six months off your life.

- [Karen] Engage that core.

- [Doc] Where are we, coach?

- [Karen] A minute and a half in.

- [Doc] Two is going to be it.

- [Karen] Okay.

Five, four, three, two, and one.

There we go, two solid minutes.

- [Doc] Everything that I do in here relates to the trumpet.

(energetic big band music) It's all core.

- [Karen] What are we on here?

- Five.

(energetic big band music) (Doc exhaling) - [Karen] In this gym, the folks are in awe of what he can do.

He's a freak of nature.

(energetic big band music)


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