Clip | Richard Linklater: Dream is Destiny - Bringing a film to life with the cast of “Everybody Wants Some”

Visit the set of “Everybody Wants Some” and take a look into the strategy of Richard Linklater’s direction. In the six weeks before filming, the entire cast rehearsed together, getting to know their characters and their rapport as a group.

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It's awesome because we're all just like out here collaborating and kind of making it all come alive as we're going through it.

I mean he wrote us a letter. It was like, 'I don't want you memorizing anything. I want you to come out here so we can collaborate and do things you couldn't do on your own with everyone else.' And it has totally been like that.

The script from day one has you know expanded leaps and bounds just because the people in it - you know, the actors and you know, our amazing director - have been working on it non-stop for three and a half weeks. I mean six weeks, now, right?

You know, it's such a great lesson in just like how it's really supposed to work, in my opinion. I don't think he worries so much about every little particular you can tell that he just knows how to make a really good structure, and that he does that, and that he really knows his characters and he casts people based on the core of who that character is. And then he just lets them play, you know, and let's it blossom. This is very new in terms of most movies don't get a chance to do this long rehearsal process where you get a chance to know the guys and then you get a chance to rehearse. Rick's very much about finding your character.

And seeing that from from beginning to end, and seeing how perfectly cast this movie is, and how all of us in our own unique way have a little bit of our character in us, and it's just kind of spot-on.

What started in rehearsal, I'm happy to say, has continued throughout. Sometimes you start strong and then factions develop or maybe rifts or something, but that just hasn't happened as far as I can see. The guys are just very supportive of one another, having a great time, you know, which helps.

The chemistry I think that they have in the real world is definitely showing on film, you know, and they're having a good time.

[SINGING: Everybody, hotel, motel, Holiday Inn, I say if your girl starts acting up, then you take her friend...] You see, even if you don't know every line, you know those punch lines. Yeah.