Clip | Richard Linklater: Dream is Destiny - Richard Linklater’s process behind “Everybody Wants Some”

Take a look behind the scenes of “Everybody Wants Some” as Richard Linklater worked with the cast through the early stages of making the film.

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Yeah, my rehearsals - it's not even like - at this stage, it's really just hearing it.

It's all ear. You know, it's all like listening to it and, to me it's - someone asked me today how it's going, and I said, 'Well I think we've got a great cast and kind of a mediocre script.' You know, I really want to - it needs to go somewhere. Okay, hey let's try that again.

This is starting to feel pretty real. So I kind of have them all on their toes, not to take it personally. It needs to, you know, become more real, more funny. I've got to get rid of some stuff. I don't believe those words coming out of that guy's mouth, but maybe he's smarter than I've written him. You know, so I'm going to switch that to another character. Is that a real thing?

Yeah, Huntsville, it's the roughest toughest show in the West. The Texas prison rodeo.

That's my hometown, so as a kid we would park cars and go in there.

But I just got this. Ethan Hawke gave me this. He found it in New Mexico, I'm like hell yeah, I remember that was it. I mean there's something really kind of wonderful about the intimacy of a small, you know, intimate film, but then, you know, this is much more sprawling and the energy of it is very different.

It's fun though. I like it as a forum.

Can I just show you something? And if you hate it, you hate it. And if you like it... because I just think it's kind of funny... Are the guys ready for it? Between you guys?

Well, ensembles, you know, I haven't done it just lately, a big ensemble of a lot of actors, so it's fun to be flexing that - using that part of my brain. And whatever experience I have gained over the years in that situation I think I feel like I know how to go about it to get the best results for what I'm going for. A lot of it this week is just getting comfortable with one another - them, you know, developing a shorthand and a comfortableness and really getting to know each other. You know, so it's not just a work environment. It's kind of a play environment.