Clip | Richard Linklater: Dream is Destiny - Why Richard Linklater makes films about time

Ellar Coltrane speaks about Richard Linklater’s work – his focus on time, reality, and his effort to make films about real people.

Funding for Richard Linklater – dream is destiny is provided in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.

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You know, movies are really about time and Rick, he's been making movies that are about time. And he has, from the start. We have another call, let's take that.

It's Robert. Hello - I want to compliment you, for once somebody not trying to make a film with a bunch of explosions, laughs, a big body count or anything. A film about people, you know?

And I'd really like to compliment you for that. Oh, well, thanks a lot. I think that's what I'm mainly interested in, just in cinema: make films about real people in real situations, more or less. It was a film we could do in our own neighborhood very inexpensively, so it kind of grew out of our restrictions and our local environment. He kind of has to construct a different world to express what he feels about this one. We're losing light.

Six weeks to get this scene shot.

I remember the first time I saw Slacker, it felt like a snapshot in time, but I never would have imagined that it would have a more universal appeal. In 1991 making a movie anywhere but New York or Los Angeles as an indie filmmaker, that was unheard of. It was just a really kind of an exciting time. Like a whole world had opened up.

Film had sort of taken hold of me as worth my time. I was amazed looking back, how much patience I had. It wasn't something that just came overnight. This is real life.

It's not perfect, but it's real. Rick wasn't making movies according to the blockbuster standard. I think he just isn't willing to compromise loosey-goosey He's an athlete, and he's highly competitive. Our business together is to create the best art we can. I think you see with his body of work, a sort of consistency and vision and it's really amazing how he's been able to navigate his stories and in his way. The moment seizes us. Yeah.

It's a lot of work and people don't want to hear that. No one wants to think how they would have to alter their life. Rick is not looking through Hollywood's eyes. He doesn't care how Hollywood sees him. It's a valuable tool - he loves Hollywood.

He doesn't need anybody else to make his dreams come true.