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Clip | Miles Davis Loved Playing this Prince Album on Repeat


Miles Davis’ son Erin (above) talks about the Prince album that his father played over and over while on a road trip in his Rolls-Royce in California. While the two admired each other greatly, they only recorded one track together and it was never officially released, according to Billboard Magazine and PrinceVault, a fan site. Prince asked Davis to record the trumpet track remotely and, along with his request, sent the following note:

“Miles, even though we have never met, I can tell just from listening to your music that you and I are so exactly alike that I know whatever you play would be what I’d do. So if this tape is of any use to you, please go ahead and play whatever you feel over it. Because I trust what you hear and play.”


- He adored Prince.

That was his man.

We were working on, or he was I should say, he was working on some music with Randy Hall in the Valley, in LA, and I remember the whole time, from the drive from Malibu, over the hills into the Valley, he was driving the Rolls, yeah, he had this Rolls Royce he brought from his manager.

And the whole time, Purple Rain was in the tape deck, just playing over and over and over.

It would flip over, play the other side, flip over, over and over and over.

He loved Prince.

It was destiny that they work together. (chuckles)


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