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The two people Buddy Guy admires most as a musician


On a trip to Germany, Buddy Guy met some of his musical heroes, including John Lee Hooker and Big Mama Thornton. Meeting them was a huge achievement for Guy; he said, “I don’t care if I ever get a chance to make a record or nothin’. I done met the people who I admired the most as a musician.”


- The first time I went Germany was in Baden-Baden, Germany, with Big Mama Thornton, John Lee Hooker, and many more.

I wanted to meet John Lee Hooker, but I didn't know he stutters because he never did stutter when he sang.

And he was downstairs, eating a big breakfast and he was drinking whiskey, like it was milk in the morning.

I heard somebody with a stutter.

(stuttering) I said, well, I definitely don't want to meet him because I ain't going to never understand what he's saying.

So I just picked up an acoustic guitar and started playing Boogie Chillen.

And here come this guy.

(stuttering) What you doing?

And I almost got pissed off. I say nothing, man.

I said I just wanna meet John Lee and he just started laughing some tears came out of his eyes.

(stuttering) I'm Jonny . I said, I don't want meet no damn Jonny, I wanna meet John Lee Hooker And Oh boy, he fell on his knees and laughed And then finally Big Mama came up and she started laughing.

She said that's John Lee Hooker.

I said, that's who? John Lee Hooker stuttering like that.

I said he don't sound like that when he's singing.

Cause I didn't ever dream. You know, I, John Lee Hooker.

I was in Ledge wood Louisiana still picking cotton when he came up that Boogie Chillen I don't want to say, I wonder what he looked back.

I didn't have a picture of him in that one.

I didn't know what muddy waters look like?

And all of a sudden, man, I went to a dream and woke up and I had done met them all and I'm like saying, I don't care if I ever get a chance to make a record or nothing.

I'd have met two people who I admired the most as a musician.


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