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Buddy Guy’s Grammys


Buddy Guy discusses his disbelief at having won “eight or nine Grammys,” starting with one for his song “Damn Right I’ve Got the Blues.”


(guitar twanging) - Then he does... (guitar twanging) Then he does the whole (indistinct) King, like, been doing it.

(guitar twanging) (guitar twanging) ♪ Oh, you're damn right, I've got the blues ♪ ♪ From my head, down, down to my shoes ♪ ♪ Damn right, damn right, damn right, damn right, damn right ♪ ♪ Damn right, I've got the blues ♪ ♪ You know, I can't win ♪ Cause I don't have a thing to lose ♪ ♪ Look it here ♪ Make it so funky they can smell it ♪ - I won a Grammy for 'Damn Right, I've Got The Blues'. Which is my first one.

And (chuckles) I think I got eight or nine, now.

It was the thrill of my life, man, I still can't sit here and believe I have eight or nine Grammies.

And I don't believe it.


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