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Helen Keller the suffragist


Helen Keller was a social activist and suffragist, lending her name to the labor movement and the women’s movement. “This inferiority of woman is man-made,” she said in a speech in 1916.


(upbeat music) - [Narrator] Throughout the next decades, Keller would lend her name to big causes.

She joined the labor union, Industrial Workers of the World, and was in the vanguard of the women's movement.

- She was a suffragist.

She supported women's right to vote.

She said somewhere that she saw being female as more of a disability than being deaf-blind, because women didn't have the vote.

- There's a defiance in Helen Keller that I have always related to, that resonates so loudly with me.

The defiance is that she will not be defined.

(upbeat music) - [Narrator] This inferiority of woman is man-made.

(upbeat music) (calm music)


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