Indigenous Groups at the Forefront of Climate Action


N. Scott Momaday, Jeff Bridges, and Robert Redford discuss the historic role Indigenous groups have played in fighting to protect our planet.

- You cannot separate the Native American from the landscape.

It is in his blood and it is his spirit.

So of course, over a period of 30,000 years he's become a, what I like to call, a multiple use conservationist.

It is in the interest of his spirit to protect wildlife, the forest and the rivers.

- This little blue speck that we all live on is finite.

The sky, the sun, all of these things are so important to our survival and our thriving as a species.

We call the Indian ways more primitive, but if we look at 'em today, that same so called primitive quality of feeling one with the earth and the sky and the sun and realizing that we're all part of this, part of mother nature, we've gotta listen to that and not be so ego-driven.

Those are all things that really would behoove us today.

- I think there's more education that's needed about the value of the only planet we have.

Are we really taking care of this planet?

Are we taking care of this earth?

Or are we developing it to death?

- [Female] I don't really see Scott's work as political, but certainly his insights have political implications.