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What's your beef against the networks?

I spent hour upon hour arguing with censors about the tiniest things.

The network often takes the position that, uh, Norman Lear and the others in the creative community, I mean, how can they do this?

How can they bite the hand that feeds them?

I consider that the creative community are the hands that feed, and they're biting our hands.

Action! Fella you're ten times the man I was.

Once more for the boss.

Hello! Boy, Norman's always in here, man. It's good to see you.

We don't have to nail down a story in this meeting - oh, sorry - hello?

Goodnight, love - see you tomorrow.

They just sent her over.

I had a show on the air; I had another show on the air.

Yes; no - bububu... it required another ear?

I grew another ear.

It required a broom up my butt so I could sweep the floor at the same time?

I love the expression 'Sh or go blind' - I didn't know whether to sh or go blind.


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