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Remembering Neil Simon

Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Neil Simon reflects on his fantasies and career while shooting a game of pool in Simply Simon: Not Just For Laughs (1989).

One of my favorite fantasies? Well, my, the fantasies I've had I mean growing up a long since gone. Like becoming a ballplayer on the New York Yankees, play left field I'd like to play center but I always kept that spot for DiMaggio.

You can cut that out of the film you later.

We'll pretend they made it.

I feel I have less pressure on me to prove anymore.

You still have to prove every time you go out but I don't have to prove a whole career's work I wouldn't want to go through all of that again. That's 15 balls in a row and I can't do that anymore.

I meant in here, I meant in here in here and here... made it! Yeah!


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