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See Maya Angelou’s early performances in the Bay Area


Maya Angelou transitioned from dancing to singing early in her career, focusing on Calypso-style music while working in the Bay Area.

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So I stopped dancing as a rule, and started singing. Maya Angelou! I talked some friends of mine into going to this little club - late '50s - and what I remember is Maya making her entrance. Very tall, very grand, no shoes. [SINGING: Moe and Joe run the candy store telling fortunes behind the door.] That she was an original is certainly an understatement.

[singing: he began to shout, run joe, hey the man's out the door, run joe.] She was exact and refined with her movements. She was limbs, I mean she was a beautiful Giacometti sculpture. [singing: so you run joe, run joe, run joe, oh.]


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