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Additional Web and Print Resources

Web Sites:

AfriCat Foundation
Lise Hanssen’s cheetah rescue and education organization, the AfriCat Foundation, was founded in 1991. AfriCat has grown significantly since then, and what started out primarily as an animal welfare organization now includes a focus on education and research as part of its mission — the long-term conservation of large carnivores in Namibia.

Cheetah Conservation Fund
CCF’s mission is to be an internationally recognized center of excellence in research and education on cheetahs and their eco-systems, working with all stakeholders to achieve best practice in the conservation and management of the world’s cheetahs.

Carnivore Conservation
Web site by Dr. Guillaume Chapron, intended to provide the best up-to-date information to carnivore conservationists, scientists, and concerned citizens.

Defenders of Wildlife
Defenders of Wildlife is a national, nonprofit membership organization dedicated to the protection of all native animals and plants of America in their natural communities. The site includes cheetah facts and some pictures.

International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council
Wildlife education, training and support for wildlife rehabilitators, liaison with wildlife professionals, organizations and agencies.

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy
The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, located in Kenya, works to advance the protection and management of species, the initiation and support of community conservation and development programs, and wildlife education.

National Wildlife Rehabilitors Association
The NWRA is a nonprofit organization that provides support for rehabilitators and promotes quality and professionalism in wildlife rehabilitation.

Ol Pejeta Concervancy
Ol Pejeta Concervancy is a 90,000 acre wildlife conservancy situated between the foothills of the Aberdares and the snowcapped Mount Kenya.

Rare and Endangered Species Trust (REST)
REST is an organization dedicated to the preservation of endangered species in Namibia.

Remotely Connected: Review of “The Cheetah Orphans”
Eric Prescott, the editor and author behind, reviews NATURE’s “The Cheetah Orphans” on Remotely Connected, a guest blogger project of PBS.

Simon King’s Web Site
Personal Web site of Simon King featuring his current and future projects as well as a diary that includes updates on Toki.

The Toki Trust
A remarkable charity devoted to sustainable conservation projects in Africa. Resources raised by the trust will be spent to ensure Toki’s wellbeing and to maintain a sustainable plan for his future. These funds will also contribute to the ongoing development of conservation projects in Kenya, most notably in Lewa and Ol Pejeta Wildlife Conservancies.

The Tusk Trust
A dynamic UK based African Wildlife Trust, with over 17 years experience of conserving wildlife, promoting education and supporting community development programmes across Africa.


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