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Additional Web and Print Resources

Web Sites

Fig Web
Explore a cornucopia of information from fig experts in France and South Africa.

Learn all about the genus Ficus from Wikipedia, a community-generated online encyclopedia.

Blind Date: The Secret Sex Lives of Figs
Discover how fig wasps pollinate fig trees while they undergo their own reproduction cycle.

Figs and Their Wasps
Get more information about the complex relationship between figs and their pollinators, fig wasps.

Ancient Figs of the Holy Land
Find out more about figs in the Bible as well as sacred fig trees.

African Gray Hornbill
Review a photo and profile of the birds that make fig trees their home.

PBS Kids: Backyard Jungle
Kids can explore the sycomore fig tree and then participate in a challenge to crown the queen of their backyard.

NATURE: Deep Jungle
Read how the strangler fig tree encases the Brazil nut tree to steal its water and other nutrients.


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