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Kick Off Your Walking Quiz Results
Score: 5 to 7 points

Follow the Walking for Health program - it's designed perfectly for you. Literally head out tomorrow, and do day number one, a comfortable 20-minute walk. Or if you want to begin on a Sunday, since that's how the program is shown, then take daily 15-minute walks between now and next Sunday. (Don't just sit around until then-at least get out and stroll.) If you have higher aspirations-sustained weight loss and/or greater fitness-then do this program first before moving on to Walking for Weight Loss.

Walking for Health Program
In this program, the recommended number of minutes to walk each day is given. There is also room for you to write how far you actually walked, and an estimate of the distance covered. (If you're not sure, estimate 20 minutes for a mile, and round to the closest half-mile.) Why does distance matter? It's a great way to chart your progress: at the end of each week add up your total mileage for the week. Then watch your weekly totals slowly grow. (It's also a great warning that you're slacking off if your totals begin dropping.)

Week Sun. Mon. Tues. Wed. Thur. Fri. Sat. Weekly Total
1 15 10 15 10 15 off 20
Tip for the week: Be sure to write in this log every day. (Record keeping is proven to help keep exercisers on track and moving.)
2 15 15 15 10 15 off 25
Tip for the week: Count other activities toward you daily activity goal, as long as they move the major muscle groups (e.g., swimming, gardening, aerobics, cycling).
3 15 20 15 10 20 off 25
Tip for the week: Only count (and write) activities you do for at least 10 minutes continuously; but you can add up 10-minute segments through the day.
4 15 20 15 10 25 off 30
Tip for the week: Invite a friend on a walk-it's good for them, and you'll be more likely to stick with your routine with some company.
5 15 20 20 15 25 off 30
Tip for the week: Never have two days in a row of zero minutes. Even if you can't go the recommended time, walk at least 10 minutes.
6 15 25 20 20 25 off 35
Tip for the week: Feel free to swap days during the week. These times just give you an idea of how to gradually progress, and vary from day to day.
7 20 25 20 20 30 off 35
Tip for the week: Add a few minutes of stretching (just three key moves) after your faster or longer walks to maintain a healthy range of movement.
8 20 30 20 25 30 off 40
Tip for the week: Shorter days are great times to try to walk more briskly. Warm up for 5 minutes, pick-up the pace for the next 10 or 15 minutes, then finish easily.
9 25 30 20 30 30 off 40
Tip for the week: Schedule your walk into your busiest days-mark it on your calendar like an appointment, to make sure it happens.
10 10 25 30 25 35 off 40
Tip for the week: Do this week and you've averaged 30 minutes of walking, six days of the week-the Surgeon General's recommendation for health!

It's a good idea to stretch after you walk. Try our easy 3-Minute Post-Walk Stretch Routine.