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18 Week Walk a Marathon Program
22-Week Faster Walking Marathon Program
20% Boost Program
Pre-Walk Warm-Up Routine
3-Minute Post Walk Stretch Routine
4 Tips for Faster Walking Technique
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Kick Off Your Walking Quiz Results
Score: 8 to 10 points

You already have a moderate base level of fitness, and should try the Walking for Weight Loss program. Though weight loss may or may not be a goal, this is really an intermediate level program that will also begin building your strength and endurance, and prepare you well for the next level, Walking for Total Fitness.

If this program feels too challenging, or you find yourself tired or sore, then try the Walking for Health program first, then come back to this.

If you're already such an accomplished athlete that you don't even feel challenged by this program, consider jumping right to week five of this program, or even move on to Walking for Total Fitness.

Walking for Weight Loss Program
In this program, the recommended number of minutes to walk each day is given. There is also room for you to write how far you actually walked, and an estimate of the distance covered. (If you're not sure, estimate 20 minutes for a mile, and round to the closest half-mile.) Why does distance matter? It's a great way to chart your progress: at the end of each week add up your total mileage for the week. Then watch your weekly totals slowly grow. (It's also a great warning that you're slacking off if your totals begin dropping.)


  • Tr - Take that walk (or one of similar length during the week) on a trail.
  • Re - Do a moderate (15-25 minute) resistance training routine, such as lifting weights, using weight machines, stretch cords, or calisthenics.

Week Sun. Mon. Tues. Wed. Thur. Fri. Sat. Weekly Total
1 25 30 25 35 30 off 40
Tip for the week: Make stretching a habit after every walk. You can get the major muscle groups with just three simple moves.
2 30 30 25 40 30 off 45
Tip for the week: The weekend walks will continue to get longer; they're a key to building endurance and burning more calories.
3 30 35 25 45 35 off 45
Tip for the week: If you find you have to miss more than one walk a week, rearrange days so you miss one of the shorter walks.
4 30 40 25 45 40 off 50 Tr
Tip for the week: Plan a half- or full-day hike for week 10; to prepare (and boost workout intensity) do your longer walks on a trail whenever you can.
5 30 40 30 Re 45 40 Re off 50
Tip for the week: Never have two days in a row of zero minutes. Even if you can't go the recommended time, walk at least 10 minutes.
6 30 45 30 Re 45 45 Re off 55 Tr
Tip for the week: Be sure you're hydrated. Take half your body weight in pounds - that's the number of ounces to drink each day.
7 35 45 30 Re 50 45 Re off 65
Tip for the week: Get in the habit of carrying water on any walk of over an hour. Practice wearing a knapsack or waist pack for your hike.
8 35 45 30 Re 50 45 Re off 60 Tr
Tip for the week: To really keep the calorie burn high pick up the pace for at least 20 minutes on shorter walks-and they'll fly by.
9 35 Re 45 30 Re 50 45 Re off 70
Tip for the week:This week and next provide a solid routine for weight loss and long term health. Add a third day of resistance training.
10 40 Re 45 30 Re 55 45 Re off 75 Tr
Tip for the week: Make trail walking a staple part of your weekly routine for strength and coordination as well as aerobic fitness.

Learn the 4 Tips for Faster Walking Technique.