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Resources for Teachers

The following Web sites contain classroom materials appropriate for use in grades 8-12. In addition to use in the classroom, many of these materials can be used at home or in the community to aid debate and dialogue on these critical issues.

Resources for Research, Discussion, Debate
America Responds Classroom Resources
In the days immediately following the September 11, 2001 terrorism attacks, PBS pulled together resources to help educators teach students about peace, tolerance, war, patriotism, geography, and other related issues. Although time has passed, educators can continue to use these valuable resources to teach lessons on these important subjects.
CNN Student News
Every day on CNNstudentnews.com, you will find top stories written by CNN journalists, working in collaboration with teachers, which are appropriate in vocabulary and content for middle and high school students. A lesson plan or a shorter "discussion/activity" accompanies each story.
Global Connections: Middle East
Visit this site for extensive information about the Middle East, including an interactive timeline that lets students explore important events thematically (religious history, economic history, etc.) as well as chronologically; a variety of lesson plans; background essays dealing with topics such as the role of women, U.S. foreign policy and dependence on oil.
Educators for Social Responsibility
This site contains more than 80 lesson plans and special materials customized to help educators and students discuss, understand and respond to current events including war, peace, conflict, biological and chemical terrorism, and divergent points of view. It also includes, the "Guide for Talking to Children about Violence and Other Sensitive and Complex Issues in the World."
Frontline: Roots of Terrorism
Recognizing that students and teachers are now confronted with an ever-changing and ever-challenging global picture, Frontline developed nine classroom activities as a companion to the documentary the Roots of Terrorism that deal with terrorism and the complex evolution of U.S. policy and Islamic fundamentalism.
Online NewsHour Extra for Students
The NewsHour Extra site for teens features articles, timelines, maps, editorials by students and extensive lesson plans for educators. The site is updated weekly with additional content.
The New York Times Learning Network
This site contains a rich collection of lesson plans, daily activities, Web resources and special news packages to take a closer look at some of the historic and current issues that have changed our world. Each lesson includes numerous classroom resources, such as lesson plans, quizzes, questionnaires, slide shows, crosswords and historical Times articles.
NOVA: Bioterror
This special NOVA on the science of germ warfare reveals previously unknown details of the secret biological warfare programs conducted by the Soviets and the United States during the Cold War. The Web site contains teaching activities and viewing ideas.
Spotlight on Iraq
This is a downloadable special focus section of the November/December 2002 issue of the National Council for Social Studies magazine Social Education. The section contains background information and history about Iraq, and lesson plans to help students learn about formulating international policy.
Street Law's Tips for Teaching Controversial Issues
The Street Law Program began at Georgetown University Law Center more than 20 years ago when law students developed a practical law course that was taught in DC Public Schools. Their tip sheet was designed to help facilitators and teachers address controversial issues that touch personal beliefs and trigger constructive emotional reactions.
Untied Nations Cyber School Bus
Students can study the background and workings of the United Nations as well as learn about UN member states, access statistical data and submit questions about global issues and foreign policy in the "Ask an Ambassador" section.
Washington Week for Educators
Watching Washington Week provides an opportunity for students to hone their media literacy and critical thinking skills by supplying insight and analysis of relevant issues. The lesson plans on this site were designed to help students understand issues by analyzing real-world material and sources they're likely to come across every day and to recognize the vital role the media plays in a democratic society.
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