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Weapons of mass destruction and terrorism are issues that concern all citizens, but in recent months these topics have especially resonated on college campuses across the country. In order to provide a forum for these young voices, the producers of Avoiding Armageddon and presenting station WETA conducted a national college journalism contest. Students were encouraged to write op-ed pieces for their collegiate publications about how the world could avoid Armageddon.

The response was strong. Scores of young journalists accepted the challenge, and the published submissions came from every region of the country and ranged across the political spectrum. The students not only weighed in on the critical issues of weapons of mass destruction and terrorism, but many also addressed the debate preliminary to the Iraq War (The contest ended two weeks before the war began).

The winners received a scholarship award. The winning entries, as well as a representative sampling of op-eds from across the nation are published on this site.

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