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Tehran, Persia

In November 1943, Churchill and Roosevelt met with Stalin for first time to discuss progress in the war. Here, there were the first disturbing signs, confirmed later at Yalta, of Russian/US bilateralism. Churchill had wanted to work with Roosevelt to contain Stalin, but instead it seemed that he was being ignored by the two greater powers.

Churchill's World

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Westminster Westminster Harrow Harrow Blenheim Palace Blenheim Palace Sandhurst Military Academy Sandhurst Military Academy Chartwell Manor Chartwell Manor Zurich Zurich Dresden Dresden Flanders Flanders Normandy Normandy Dunkirk Dunkirk Dardanelles Straits, Turkey Dardanelles Straits, Turkey Washington DC Washington DC New york New york Fulton, Missouri Fulton, Missouri Bermuda Bermuda Omdurman, Sudan Omdurman, Sudan Yalta, Crimea Yalta, Crimea Tehran, Persia Tehran, Persia India India