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Editors' Notes

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Pakistan: An Unsettling Peace

Nigeria: Religious Riots Leave Hundreds Dead

Burma: Democracy Leaders Jailed

The Race That Was Followed Around the World

Georgia: Putin's Other Plan?



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Pakistan: An Unsettling Peace

Maulana Fazlullah

Just a few days after U.S. special envoy Richard C. Holbrooke finished touring Pakistan's strategic Swat valley, the Pakistan government struck a surprising deal with the Taliban, which has taken control of most of the region. The agreement lays out that government forces and Taliban militants will stop fighting in return for putting the region under strict Islamic law called Sharia.

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Nigeria: Religious Riots Leave Hundreds Dead

street scene on fire.


In recent days, Nigeria has been engulfed by sectarian violence, where clashes between Muslims and Christians have left hundreds dead and thousands more fleeing their homes.

The trouble started last Friday, when the predominantly Christian governing party was announced the winner of state elections in the city of Jos in central Nigeria.

Claims by the Muslim-backed opposition party that the results were rigged set off a wave of violence, with marauding gangs attacking homes and burning mosques and churches.

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Burma: Democracy Leaders Jailed

monks pray

As a chilling message to anyone who dares speak out against Burma's military regime, the ruling junta handed down sentencing this week to 14 veteran democracy advocates. They received 65-year prison terms for their role in last year's September uprising.

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The Race That Was Followed Around the World

election logo

Over the last few months covering one of the most anticipated elections in modern history, we produced 60 stories in partnership with PRI The World and the National Minority Consortia "Abroad at Home" fellows.

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Georgia: Putin's Other Plan?

Dimitri Medvedev and Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin and his hand-picked successor President Dimitri Medvedev.

Despite the fact that Vladimir Putin is no longer president of Russia, his decision to send the military into Georgia dramatically underscores how, as prime minister, he is running the country -- not his hand-picked successor Dmitri Medvedev. Earlier this year, just before the presidential election, FRONTLINE/World documented Putin's systematic suppression of all political opposition and his assumption of a powerful role for himself as prime minister. Watch the video story Putin's Plan and read related features and interviews about his political grip on the country.

News and Nominations

Sam Kiley

FRONTLINE/World reporter Sam Kiley embedded with a Canadian unit in Afghanistan.

It was a pleasure to learn this week that three FRONTLINE/World stories have been nominated for News & Documentary Emmy Awards. And it was particularly gratifying for those of us who work primarily on this website since all three of the stories are nominees in the Emmy's New Approaches categories, which recognize online stories and video. The nominees are...

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The Webbys: We Won...Thanks to You!

Webby Logo

FRONTLINE/World has won two Webby People's Voice Awards. Thanks to you, we won the popular vote in two categories: one for the best online Documentary Series, and one for our story about prostitution in Dubai, "Night Secrets," as best Individual Episode in a News & Politics series.

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Calling All Video Journalists

Joe Rubin

Video journalist and former IRP Fellow Joe Rubin on assignment in Sri Lanka in 2002 for the very first broadcast of FRONTLINE/World.

We are pleased to announce that FRONTLINE/World has joined forces with the International Reporting Project (IRP) in Washington, D.C. to offer a Fall 2008 Fellowship for a video journalist to report an international story. Applications are now being accepted. The deadline is April 1.

You can find all the details and an online application form on the IRP Web site.

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Belize: Andy Palacio, 1960-2008

Andy Palacio in Belize. Photo: Marco Werman.

Editor's Note: We were saddened to learn of the sudden death last weekend of Andy Palacio, a wonderful singer and bandleader from Belize who spread his beloved Garifuna music around the world. Our music reporter, Marco Werman, had interviewed Palacio for our January 2004 FRONTLINE/World story, "The Exile's Song," and we sampled his songs on our Web site.

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Kenya: Runners at Risk

Lornah Kiplagat

Lornah Kiplagat at her high-altitude training center in Kenya in 2004.

An interview with Lornah Kiplagat

She's still trying to train at her camp in the highlands of western Kenya, but renowned runner Lornah Kiplagat is shaken by the recent turmoil in her village, Iten, and the violence which engulfed the nearby city of Eldoret, where a mob set fire to a church, killing more than 50 people who had taken shelter there.

Marathoner Luke Kibet was injured during an attack in downtown Eldoret, and a former member of Kenya's Olympic team, Lucas Sang, was hacked to death.

The violence was triggered December 30th when the government of President Mwai Kibaki announced he had been re-elected, despite early returns showing that the challenger, Raila Odinga, had a substantial lead. Since then, Odinga's supporters, mainly from the Luo tribe, have clashed repeatedly with Kibaki's followers, who are generally from the Kikuyu majority.

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