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December 2008





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At Siemens, Bribery Was Just a Line Item

Mumbai: Eyewitness to the Attack

Mumbai: Is Pakistan to Blame?

Mumbai's Days of Terror

Nigeria: Religious Riots Leave Hundreds Dead



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At Siemens, Bribery Was Just a Line Item

Siemens building

Siemens headquarters in Munich, Germany. Photo: EPA

Editor's Note: This reporting is the result of a joint investigation of international bribery by PBS FRONTLINE, ProPublica and the Investigative Reporting Program at UC Berkeley. A documentary will air on FRONTLINE on April 7, 2009 at 9 P.M. ET on PBS. Check back on this website beginning January 2009 for a series of investigative reports and in-depth features on international corruption.

This story was published by The New York Times on Sunday, Dec. 21, 2008.

MUNICH - Reinhard Siekaczek was half asleep in bed when his doorbell rang here early one morning two years ago.

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Mumbai: Eyewitness to the Attack

Journalist Dev Chatterjee recounts the 60-hour ordeal of covering the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. Also, read his written account and related stories in our Dispatches area.

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Mumbai: Is Pakistan to Blame?

FRONTLINE/World correspondent Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy talks over webcam from Karachi, where the Mumbai terrorists allegedly began their journey, about Pakistani reactions to the attacks and the blame being laid at their door.

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Mumbai's Days of Terror

police on the streets

Mumbai police patrol in front of the Mumbai CST railway station, a day after terrorists stormed the station.

Editor's Note: As U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice made diplomatic stops in India and Pakistan on Wednesday and thousands took to Mumbai's streets blaming their own government's handling of the crisis, we asked Mumbai-based reporter Dev Chatterjee, who works in the Times of India building in the heart of the city, to recall how last week's reign of terror unfolded for him. Included are cellphone images he took as he crisscrossed the city reporting the attacks.

It was a late-night dinner party that may have saved my life. At around 9:50 in the evening on November 26, 2008, I walked out of my office at the Times of India Building opposite the 150-year-old British-built Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) Railway station and boarded a commuter train to my house, 5 kilometers away in Central Mumbai.

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Nigeria: Religious Riots Leave Hundreds Dead

street scene on fire.


In recent days, Nigeria has been engulfed by sectarian violence, where clashes between Muslims and Christians have left hundreds dead and thousands more fleeing their homes.

The trouble started last Friday, when the predominantly Christian governing party was announced the winner of state elections in the city of Jos in central Nigeria.

Claims by the Muslim-backed opposition party that the results were rigged set off a wave of violence, with marauding gangs attacking homes and burning mosques and churches.

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