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June 2008





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Zimbabwe: Enemies of the State

Zimbabwe: On the Brink

Mugabe's "Do or Die" Campaign to Stay in Power

China: Out of the Rubble

Zimbabwe: Shopping for Survivial



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Zimbabwe: Enemies of the State

Morgan Tsvangirai

A cameraman, Edward Chikomba, was killed after he shared video with the outside world of opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai (shown here leaving hospital) after Tsvangirai was arrested and beaten unconscious by Robert Mugabe's police force.

Editor's Note: In the last of our three-part series, our anonymous correspondent in Zimbabwe details what it is like to work as an independent journalist in one of the world's most repressive regimes. "By exposing the government's shortcomings journalists have become enemies of the state," says this writer. "I work in fear every day." Read her dispatch about the crackdown below.

Since the latest round of election-related violence, our reporter has gone into hiding in the capital of Harare. From her safe house, she spoke with iWitness correspondent Joe Rubin and described the frightening conditions in the city over the last few days.


Read more in-depth reports from our correspondent in Zimbabwe and a related video from South Africa in our iWitness section.

* * *

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Zimbabwe: On the Brink

As Zimbabwe teeters on the edge, our correspondent in Harare describes violent and chaotic scenes as opposition supporters and journalists try to escape Mugabe's wrath.

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Mugabe's "Do or Die" Campaign to Stay in Power

burned homes

Farm workers survey the charred remains of their homes on Muniya Farm. Evictions and destruction of property began on April 15, 2008, after the area had voted overwhelmingly for the opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change.

Mrs. Plaxeded Mutariswa Ndira was getting her children ready for school a few weeks ago when she heard a scuffle in the bedroom where her husband was still sleeping.

"Some men ordered him out of bed," she says. "He refused, saying he wanted their IDs. He was grabbed naked and shoved into a vehicle that speeded off. My husband was screaming and wrestling."

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China: Out of the Rubble

Washington Post video journalist Travis Fox talks about covering the devastating earthquake in southwestern China and the difficulties of filming under the government's watchful eye.

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Zimbabwe: Shopping for Survivial

empty shelves

Empty shelves at a supermarket in Harare.

Editor's Note: Our correspondent is a Zimbabwean reporter based in Harare, the capital. Because of the government's crackdown on the press, we are protecting the reporter's identity. This is the first in a series of eyewitness accounts of the crisis there.

* * *

Empty Shelves and 400 Million Dollar Bars of Soap

It's hard to be positive when everything around you is crumbling. Hard to believe that my country, Zimbabwe, was once Southern Africa's breadbasket. The prosperity we experienced is becoming a colorful, distant memory, as we sink further into the abyss.

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South Africa: Go Away and Fight Mugabe!

When riots erupted in a Johannesburg township directed mainly against Zimbabwean refugees, a young American filmmaker captured the tensions and violence. Watch the interview with her and the dramatic scenes she filmed.

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Introducing iWitness

We're launching a new series on the website this week called iWitness. The idea for iWitness grew out of a sense that we wanted to expand our network of voices and to respond more quickly to events in the news, especially situations unfolding in critical regions around the world.

The series will be interview-based and primarily connecting with people over webcam in countries such as Iran, Burma, Pakistan, and other hotspots -- places often difficult to access and report from. We'll be checking in mid story with our regular correspondents, but we will also be connecting directly with activists and artists, doctors and teachers, filmmakers and investigative reporters, even, conceivably, avatars reporting from virtual communities such as Second Life.

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China: Out of the Rubble

Washington Post video journalist Travis Fox talks about covering China's earthquake and the difficulties of filming under the government's watchful eye.

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