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Ukrainian-Americans on the vote

Which candidates are resonating on Russia's influence over Ukraine

BY Jason MargolisOctober 3, 2008


Jason Margolis is a radio reporter for PRI's The World. His last video report for FRONTLINE/World was "Mexico: The Business of Saving Trees."

Roughly one million Americans claim Ukrainian ancestry. Many have been very worried about Ukraine's powerful neighbor Russia. And they're paying close attention to what the U.S. presidential candidates are saying about Russia.

The World's Jason Margolis reports from a Ukrainian-American community in Michigan.

For background on Ukraine's recent political history, revisit the FRONTLINE/World broadcast story from 2005, which retraces the unsolved murder of a crusading Ukrainian journalist, who railed against the authoritarian rule of President Leonid Kuchma. Set against the backdrop of the 2004 Orange Revolution, which brought the pro-democracy government of Viktor Yushchenko to power, the story shows competing pro-Russian and pro-Western forces at work.