Natasha Del Toro

Sean Kelly Gallery: Los Carpinteros
Los Carpinteros’ La Montaña Rusa will be exhibited in this New York City gallery from March 21 through April 26, 2008. As of broadcast, the artists had not received visas to attend the opening of their show.

MoMA: Los Carpinteros
Three pieces by Los Carpinteros are featured in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York: Horno de Carbón (1998), Proyecto de Acumulación de Materiales (1999)and Cárcel (2001).

Arizona State University Art Museum
A wood sculpture of a train towing a man on a bicycle, entitled Flying Pigeon (1998), is part of the permanent collection of the ASU Art Museum.

Fidel Castro’s 1961 “Speech to Intellectuals”
The Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC) at the University of Texas presents archived text of a speech Fidel Castro gave on June 30, 1961, at a conference for artists. He stated: “The Revolution cannot attempt to stifle art or culture when the development of art and culture is one of the goals and one of the basic objectives of the Revolution, precisely in order that art and culture will come to be a genuine patrimony of the people.”

Letter from U.S. Artists and Scholars
The Web site of the Cuba Research & Analysis Group (CRAG) features a letter signed by dozens of U.S. artists and scholars, including Tom Waits, Harry Belafonte, Bonnie Raitt and Gloria Steinem, encouraging President Bush to lift the travel embargo and promote cultural exchange with Cuba

NPR, Justice Talking, “The Cuban Embargo”
The NPR legal program, Justice Talking, turned its attention to the Cuban embargo for this August 2007 show. Host Margot Adler talked with a number of experts about U.S. policy toward Cuba, including former CIA Cuba analyst Brian Latell, who discusses the transition of power to Raul Castro, Fidel’s brother.

Council on Foreign Relations, “Cuba Eyes a Chinese Model”
Lee Hudson Teslik speculates that Fidel Castro’s brother, Raul, as president of Cuba, might bring with him a change to the country’s economic system in an attempt to modernize.