INTERACTIVE MAP: The Global Trade in Electronic Waste

TEAMS 2009


Company Name: Memories
Product: Decorated and customized albums
Mission: To preserve people’s memories by providing them with handmade albums for different occasions. Albums are bought from the market and decorated with fabrics, paint and crystal to suit different tastes and budgets.

Company Name: Comfortable & Portable, or C & P
Product: Multifunctional laptop bag
Mission: C & P produces comfortable, portable and cheerful carrying cases, such as handbags and laptop cases. The wider vision of the company is to bring a smile to customers’ faces while at the same time regarding corporate social responsibility as a priority.

Company Name: Smart Idea
Product: Chair Unlimited
Mission: Smart Idea is a student company specializing in designing safer home and office appliances, which are produced to be both practical and original. “Chair Unlimited” is a wooden chair that can be flipped and used as a ladder as well.

Company Name: W3
Product: Electronics collection & repair service
Mission: W3 helps its customers by collecting, fixing and reselling their used electronics. W3 hopes to reach both big- and small-budget customers and to help preserve the environment by properly disposing of electronic waste.

Company Name: Teens and Beyond
Product: Themed beach accessories
Mission: Teens and Beyond provides youth with themed beach accessories such as beach towels, Frisbees and bandanas -- all packaged in a stylish bag designed for young people. The purpose of the product is to encourage Lebanese tourism through its “teenager spirit.”

Company Name: 2IF
Product: Personalized IT courses
Mission: 2IF means “Informatique Internet Facile,” or “ Easy Internet and IT” and offers personalized Internet and IT courses to parents, teachers and students in order to train and familiarize them with new technologies and office software. The main objective of 2IF is to fight “IT illiteracy” for all ages.

Company Name: Al-Anamel Al-Mubdiaah or “Creative Palms”
Product: Handcrafted gifts made out of recycled palm fronds
Mission: Al-Anamel Al-Mubdiaah, or Creative Palms, produces handmade gifts made out of recycled palm tree leaves. Our aim is to preserve our heritage and the environment at the same time. 

Company Name: Wrap It Up
Product: Gift-wrapping service
Mission: “Wrap It Up” provides personalized gift-wrapping, pairing utility with artistic flair to fit any price range.

Company Name: Extrema De Moda
Product: Fashion accessories
Mission: Extrema De Moda (EDM) is a fashion accessories company established to match modern fashion to tradition. For its initial project, EDM created a revised, modern and feminine version of the Ghitra, the traditional headscarf worn by men. The company has since expanded into a range of trendy accessories, always maintaining a touch of the local folklore.

Saudi Arabia:
Company Name: Extreme Design
Product: Designs for customized T-shirts and accessories
Mission: Extreme Design is a fashion company that prints new and unique designs on T-shirts, mugs and pillows.

Company Name: Exclusive Events
Product: A recruitment service matching graphic design students with businesses hiring graphic designers
Mission: Exclusive Events is a service company created by students from the Tunisian Vocational Training Center for Graphic Arts to establish relations between students and companies and facilitate recruitment of students graduating from the Graphic Arts Center. The company created a guidebook to facilitate connections between these groups. 

United Arab Emirates:
Company Name: Al Ameen, or “The Safeguard”
Product: Secure lockers for students
Mission: Al Ameen seeks to provide secure school lockers for students to keep their belongings in, helping to make the school a safer environment.