Russia: Putin's Plan

In the line of Fire

Garry Kasparov

Garry Kasparov

The former chess master turned political activist and erstwhile candidate for the Russian presidency talks with FRONTLINE/World’s Victoria Gamburg about why he feels eight years of President Vladimir Putin have been ruinous for Russia. He also discusses being blacklisted by state media as one of a number of disparate opposition voices in Russia and what Putin’s likely influence will be following the March 2008 election. The interview took place on November 13, 2007, in Moscow.
photo of Vladimir Pozner

Vladimir Pozner

Russia's most influential TV political talk-show host, Vladimir Pozner, talks with FRONTLINE/World's Victoria Gamburg about President Putin's tight control of the media and why the country's political opposition has failed to make an impact. He also responds to the general criticism in the West that Russia is moving away from democracy, not toward it. "You canít be impatient with a country that is only 15 years old," he says. "Itís not fair to the country, and itís not fair to the people." The interview took place on November 13, 2007, in Moscow.
photo of Maria Lipman

Maria Lipman

A political analyst and editor in chief of the Carnegie Moscow Center’s Pro et Contra Journal, Maria Lipman writes frequently about the state of Russian politics. She has contributed a monthly op-ed column to The Washington Post since 2001 and is co-editor of the book Pathways of Russian Post-Communism. Here, she talks with FRONTLINE/World correspondent Victoria Gamburg about the futile fight of Russian political opposition, the "soft authoritarianism" of today's Russia and President Vladimir Putin’s dilemma over how to step down while still retaining power.
photo of Victoria Gamburg

Victoria Gamburg

Reporter Victoria Gamburg spent months in Russia in the run-up to the country’s March 2 elections. She followed the political opposition and the limited independent media allowed to operate in Russia under tight censorship by the Kremlin. Here she talks with FRONTLINE/World’s Senior Interactive Producer Jackie Bennion about why Garry Kasparov and other opposition figures have failed to galvanize any serious challenge to the presidency, and why Putin is so popular.