Russia: Putin's Plan

Russia: Putin's Plan


FRONTLINE/World’s most recent dispatches and video reports from Russia.


imageRussia: Who Is Mr. Medvedev?
"No one in Russia doubts that Dmitri Medvedev will be the next president," writes Moscow correspondent, Artyom Khan. That became clear to Russians last December, when Putin announced Medvedev as his chosen successor. But who is he? As Khan reports, even Russians don't really know.

image Russia: Let the Campaigning Begin, Sort of
With Russia's presidential election taking place on March 2, Moscow correspondent Artyom Khan visits his hometown of Omsk in Siberia to find out what the Russian heartland makes of the campaign.

imageRussia: A Winter of Discontent
In this video dispatch, FRONTLINE/World’s Victoria Gamburg reports on various rallies and protests organized by the democratic opposition in Moscow and St. Petersburg. At one protest, riot police are sent in to break up the event and arrest former chess master, Garry Kasparov (he was later released). Gamburg reports that it was “a blunt warning from the Kremlin to Kasparov and other opposition figures: We don't care that the world is watching. Next time, we can make things much worse for you."

imageRussia: Searching for the Opposition
In this video dispatch, Yabloko Party leader Grigory Yavlinsky delivers a rousing speech to his supporters in St. Petersburg. But, as Victoria Gamburg reports, little to no coverage of the opposition rallies makes it on to state-controlled television.

imageRussia: Silencing Dissent
FRONTLINE/World’s Alexandra Poolos reports on how a nonprofit law introduced by the Kremlin has undercut the work of NGOs across the country. A propaganda campaign under President Putin has portrayed the organizations, some of which have been investigating human rights abuses in Chechnya, as agents of the West.



imageRussia: Putin vs. NGOs
In this series of features, FRONTLINE/World Fellow Alexandra Poolos reports on Novaya Gazeta, the Moscow-based newspaper where Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya worked before she was murdered. Poolos talks with the paper’s reporters who continue Politkovskaya’s work investigating human rights abuses and government corruption. Politkovskaya was gunned down outside her apartment in October 2006.

imageRussia: Island on the Edge
In this Rough Cut video, FRONTLINE/World Fellow Nick Guroff travels to the very eastern edge of Russian to the island of Sakhalin where energy giants Royal Dutch Shell, ExxonMobil and other multinationals are finding it tough going negotiating with Russia for a stake in massive oil and gas reserves off the island.

imageMurder in St. Petersburg
In the year that Russia celebrates the 60th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany, FRONTLINE/World’s Kelly Whalen reports on the rise of hate crimes and neo-Nazi groups in Russia. Her 2005 story focuses on the murder of Nikolai Mikhailovich Girenko, a prominent defender of minority rights in Russia and outspoken critic of a growing nationalist fervor there.

imageMoscow's Sex and the City
In Moscow, FRONTLINE/World reporter Victoria Gamburg introduces us to the fictional characters and the stars of Russia's popular TV series, Balzac Age, and reveals how the show compares with the real-life experiences of single women making a life for themselves in Moscow.

imageRich in Russia
In this FRONTLINE/World broadcast story from October 2003, New York Times reporter Sabrina Tavernise, examines the rise of Russia's oligarchs -- the men who became wealthy during the wild privatization period after the fall of communism. She interviews Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who at the time was the richest man in Russia and principal owner of Yukos oil. Shortly after the interview, Khodorkovsky was arrested for tax evasion and other corporate charges and is now serving a 9-year sentence in a Siberian jail. Tavernise also meets Boris Berezovsky, a billionaire who fled to London, where he was granted political asylum.