Episode 5: What Are We?

Genius by Stephen Hawking

Episode 5: What Are We? | Preview

Aired: 2016-06-02 01:00:00 0:30 Rating: TV-PG

Three volunteers set out to find an amazing realization about the nature of life itself.

Premiere Date: June 1, 2016

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“We all have questions – big questions.” So begins Genius, Stephen Hawking’s biggest TV show in years.

The series continues as Hawking shows three individuals how inspiring it can be to think like a genius, and work out what we humans really are. The audience will want to play along and see if they can think like a genius too. By the end everyone will have an entirely new appreciation of themselves.

In this episode a new set of volunteers take on some more extraordinary tasks. They begin with a crazy Rube Goldberg chain reaction machine, and from there the realizations come thick and fast. Self-assembling machines, light-up bacteria and the world’s first physical demonstration of evolution in action conspire to totally revolutionize their view of life.

We discover not only that our bodies are machines of incredible complexity, but how they came to exist and how long it took for our lives to come about.

Along the way the show also explains how the great geniuses of history made their breakthroughs about life and how we came to understand not just who we are but the processes that produced us.

Scenes from Episode 5 | Photo Gallery

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