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During the 1930's, Americans began to read about growing anti-Semitism and discrimination against European Jews. At the start of World War II, in 1941, reports of atrocities against Jews began to be reported by eyewitnesses and in the media.

Here are film clips and excerpts from the companion book that reflect on how Jewish Americans responded to the Holocaust. Despite efforts by Jewish Americans, such as Rabbi Stephen Wise, the Roosevelt administration did not do everything in its power to respond to the reports of German atrocities against the Jews of Europe. President Roosevelt had many concerns while fighting the war, among them fearing the war would be misconstrued as a Jew war, as one commentator recalled. One extensive clip explores how the American government reacted at first to the news of the atrocities and how FDR, being pushed by Henry Morgenthau, then Secretary of the Treasury, tried to save the European Jews.