The Human Spark

Season 3 Premiered May 2010

Alan Alda visits dozens of scientists on three continents -- and even undergoes an examination of his own brain -- to find the answer to one question: What makes us human?

Major funding for THE HUMAN SPARK is provided by the National Science Foundation, and by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Additional funding is provided by the John Templeton Foundation, the Cheryl and Philip Milstein Family, and The Winston Foundation.

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The Human Spark

A Matter of Size

A look at the brains of a rat, monkey, chimp and human.


The Human Spark

Beyond the Present

A look at humans' unique ability to reflect upon events.


The Human Spark


A brief look at the cooperative and social nature of humans.


The Human Spark

Human Language

A look at the difference between human language and others.


The Human Spark

Human Nature

A look at the ways in which monkeys and apes are similar to humans.


The Human Spark

If It Ain't Broke...

Archaeologist John Shea explains early humans' first tools.


The Human Spark

Insight and Imagination

An overview of how insight and imagination distinguish humans from others.


The Human Spark

Scanning the Brain

An introduction to MRI scans.


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