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Misogyny and Shootings, Dartmouth Sex Assault Settlement

Misogyny and Shootings, Dartmouth Sex Assault Settlement

The link between mass shootings & hatred of women. Dartmouth pays out $14 million


TTC Extra: Possible Menopause Delay

TTC Extra: Possible Menopause Delay

A new treatment could delay menopause

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Vote For The Woman Because She's A Woman

August 22, 2019  | Read More »

In February, Nevada became the first state in the country with a female-majority legislature. By June, with the help of the state’s Democratic governor, there were stronger laws ensuring equal pay for women, tougher penalties for domestic violence, better protection for sexual-assault survivors, more money for family-planning services, an end to a requirement that forced doctors to ask women their marital status before performing an abortion and an increased minimum wage. If anyone needed proof that having more female lawmakers benefits women, Nevada certainly makes a compelling case.

A New Poll Shows What Really Interests 'Pro-Lifers': Controlling Women
The Guardian

August 22, 2019  | Read More »

According to self-identified “pro-life” advocates, the fundamental divide between those who want to outlaw abortion and those who want to keep it legal comes down to one question: when does life begin? Anti-abortion advocacy pushes the view that life begins at conception; the name of their movement carefully centers the conceit that opposition to abortion rights is simply about wanting to save human lives.

Black Women's Equal Pay Day: Why We Need To See Color

August 22, 2019  | Read More »

Black Women’s Equal Pay Day falls on August 22nd this year. White women make on average 80 cents on the dollar as compared with white men, while black women make on average just 63 cents on the dollar, according to PayScale.

Women In Tech Face Discrimination At The Intern Level Too, Says Survey

August 22, 2019  | Read More »

Teaching girls to code is one step in the effort to diversify the tech industry. Another is getting them through the interview process for jobs and internships.


Misogyny & Shootings; Dartmouth Sexual Assault Settlement

August 09, 2019 Misogyny & Shootings; Dartmouth Sexual Assault Settlement

This week on To The Contrary with Bonnie Erbe, our panelists discuss the link between mass shootings and misogyny, and a new sexual assault settlement.

On the panel this week joining host Bonnie Erbe is: Megan Beyer, Wilson Center, Women In Public Service; Patrice Onwuka, Senior Policy Analyst at the Independent Women’s Voices; Latifa Lyles, Fmr. Dir. Women’s Bureau, US Dept. of Labor; Ann Stone, Co-Founder, Women For Trump.

Click read more to see what they had to say!

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Millennial Voices: Marvel and Representation in Film

August 06, 2019

By: Olivia Baumhoer

I’ll start off by saying that I’m slightly biased when it comes to talking about superhero movies. I’ve been a Marvel fangirl ever since I stepped out of the theater in 2011 after seeing “Captain America: The First Avenger.” I obsessively followed the release of every movie and like many Marvel fans bawled my eyes out watching the credits of “Avengers: Endgame” as we said goodbye to the original cast of 6 that formed the Avengers back in 2012.

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