• Gender Equality in Islam

    Gender Equality in Islam

    A new crop of female Islamic scholars says there is nothing in the Koran that treats women unequally. Instead, they argue, Muslim women have been marginalized by cultural practices and patriarchal interpretations.

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  • Vatican & Nuns; Reddit & The Wage Gap;<br> Stay-at-Home Moms

    Vatican & Nuns; Reddit & The Wage Gap;
    Stay-at-Home Moms

    The Vatican cut short its investigation of the largest order of American nuns. Interim CEO Ellen Pao bans salary negotiations for entry-level positions in an attempt to level the playing field. Is motherhood a career?

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  • Hillary Clinton Announcement;<br>Pay Gap; Safe Sex in College

    Hillary Clinton Announcement;
    Pay Gap; Safe Sex in College

    The start of Hillary's presidential run is imminent. How the wage gap persists in so-called liberal institutions and in the offices of Democrats. ew research shows some students may be putting themselves in danger.

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  • Religious Rights Debate; <br> Allowance Equity; Fashioning Fat

    Religious Rights Debate;
    Allowance Equity; Fashioning Fat

    Religious Rights Debate: LGBT activists pressure Arkansas & Indiana to make changes to "religious freedom" laws, as a woman is sent to prison for a miscarriage. Allowance Equity: Boys do less chores than girls, but on average get more allowance for their work. Fashioning Fat: Prof. Amanda Czerniawski went undercover as a plus-size model to study the industry through the lens of a sociologist.

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  • Afghani Women Leaders;<br>Women's Colleges; All-Female Mosque

    Afghani Women Leaders;
    Women's Colleges; All-Female Mosque

    Women forming part of Afghani president Ashraf Ghani's delegation say support from the US is vital. The closing of Sweet Briar College may point toward a demise of all-women's schools. We speak with one of the woman behind the first mosque in the US for women only.

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Vatican & Nuns; Reddit & The Wage Gap; Stay-at-Home Moms

Vatican & Nuns; Reddit & The Wage Gap; Stay-at-Home Moms

Vatican & Nuns: The Vatican cut short its investigation of the largest order of American nuns. Reddit & The Wage Gap: ...


TTC Extra: Gender Equality in Islam Preview

TTC Extra: Gender Equality in Islam Preview

Dr. Azizah al-Hibri explains the goal of her group, Karamah. Don't miss this special documentary edition of To The Contrary ...

Women's News

Among Professional Women, African Americans Are Most Likely To Want Top Executive Jobs, Report Say

April 23, 2015  | Read More »

The number of women holding CEO positions among America's largest corporations is, as everyone knows, very small. Just 23 women are CEOs of companies in the S&P 500. But the number of female African American chief executives among those top businesses is downright minuscule: There is only one black woman, Xerox's Ursula Burns, at this pinnacle of corporate power.

Could It Be? Researchers Find A Hiring Bias That Favors Women

April 23, 2015  | Read More »

Think, for just a moment, about the last job you applied for. If you didn't get the job (apologies), did you get an interview? If not, did you feel some hidden forces, beyond your control, working against you? Perceived hiring biases against women working in science, technology, engineering and math have been around as long as women have been graduating from STEM programs. From 2008 to 2010, women received the majority of doctorate degrees in life and social sciences but only 32 percent of the open assistant professorships.

Louisa May Alcott, A Spinster Hero For Single Women Of All Eras

April 23, 2015  | Read More »

Being young and single is once again in fashion: Whereas previous generations saw marriage as the entry point into adulthood, young people today are more likely to delay marriage until other goals, such as higher education and establishing a career, have been accomplished. Sixty-eight percent of U.S. adults under 33 have never married. The median age of first marriage is at a historic high: 27 for women, 29 for men. Tapping into this ambivalence about marriage, 40-something Kate Bolick has written a provocatively titled new book, “Spinster,” about the pleasures and pains of the single life. In it, Bolick throws down a bold gauntlet — the reclaiming of the word “spinster” as a desirable designation.

Amy Schumer And #MakeItFair: The Women Standing Up To Hollywood

April 23, 2015  | Read More »

As in the mock #MakeItFair campaign an increasing number of successful women are calling out the film and TV industry’s sexism. Does this mark a tipping point?


Gender Equality in Islam

April 24, 2015 Gender Equality in Islam

This week on To The Contrary with Bonnie Erbe, we aired a new documentary Gender Equality in Islam.

Click read more to see what the documentary is about!

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