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Women Senators; Education Budget; Forced Marriage

Women Senators; Education Budget; Forced Marriage

Women up for reelection in the senate, cuts in education & an insidious problem.


Trump's War On Women?

Trump's War On Women?

Is President Trump's war on women escalating?

Women's News

The Surprising Role Where Women Consistently Earn More Than Men
The Washington Post

May 26, 2017  | Read More »

The gender pay gap has shown up in seemingly every job there is: Tech workers. Scientists. Even male nurses make more than their female peers. But in one occupation — one at the very tiptop of Corporate America — the median woman has consistently earned more than the median man. It's the corner office of the country's largest public companies: chief executives of S&P 500 corporations.

A Women’s Tech Group Is Dumping Uber Over Its ‘Treatment of Women Employees’

May 26, 2017  | Read More »

A group dedicated to getting more women into tech roles has cut ties with Uber, according to a new report. In a letter from the Anita Borg Institute obtained by Recode, the group told the ride-hailing company that their partnership was over due to “continuing allegations that Uber faces about the treatment of women employees as well as other business issues.”

‘It’s sexist’: Men Flip Out Over Women-only ‘Wonder Woman’ Screenings
The Washington Post

May 26, 2017  | Read More »

A popular Texas movie theater that doesn’t shy from controversy decided to turn a screening of the new “Wonder Woman” movie into a jam-packed celebration with a single rule: “No boys allowed.”

Ukip Fails Its Respect-For-Women Test, Ten Minutes After Announcing It

May 26, 2017  | Read More »

When Ukip can elect a three-time Nobel laureate and Olympic champion in figure skating as its leader and still continue to nosedive in the polls, you would think it might consider it unwise to ban potential Ukip supporters from entering the country. But Paul Nuttall, like his political hero Trigger from Only Fools and Horses, has never been a slave to conventional wisdom.


Becoming a Progressive Leader: A Conversation with Neera Tanden

May 26, 2017 Becoming a Progressive Leader: A Conversation with Neera Tanden

The first in our series of interviews with female thought leaders across the country and political spectrum! We interviewed Neera Tanden, who tells us why she became a progressive leader and what the future holds for progressive politics in the United States. Click read more from some highlights from our interview!

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Mother Tongue

May 23, 2017 Mother Tongue

By Sallie Bingham:

This is for you, Keesha, laboring away in a windowless cubicle in Nashville to enable my new cell phone to work in France. This required two hours of ceaseless effort that included translating the questions of a higher-up male with an impenetrable East Indian accent, leaving me wrung out but never denting Keesha’s humor and calm competence.

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