• The Foreign Service: In Search of Diversity

    The Foreign Service: In Search of Diversity

    Foreign Service Officers are the face of America around the world. At a time in the not so distant past, FSOs were almost always white, middle to upper class and from the Northeast. Today, there are more women and minorities, but they are underrepresented. The State Department is working to remake the institution into one that looks like America today; diverse and multi-cultural.

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  • Femvertising, ''#RapeHoax'',<br>Food Security Part II

    Femvertising, ''#RapeHoax'',
    Food Security Part II

    Including women on ad campaigns has proven successful for huge corporations. A smear campaign against Columbia grad Emma Sulkowicz accuses her of falsely accusing a fellow student of rape. The second part of our series on food security investigates the transportation of goods.

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  • Cindy Williams:<br>

    Cindy Williams:
    "We Were Paid Half of What The Boys Made"

    "Laverne & Shirley" star says the female stars were paid half as much as the male stars

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  • Christianity in the US & Food Security

    Christianity in the US & Food Security

    The percentage of people that call themselves Christian is in steep decline according to a new Pew Study. We explore the threats to our food supply, including illness and environmental factors.

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The Foreign Service: In Search of Diversity

The Foreign Service: In Search of Diversity

Foreign Service Officers are the face of America around the world. At a time in the not so distant past, FSOs were almost ...


TTC Extra: ISIS' Sisterhood

TTC Extra: ISIS' Sisterhood

A recent study found that women join the Islamic state group not just to become 'jihadi wives', but instead to be part of a ...

Women's News

A Room With a View — And Baby Too

June 02, 2015  | Read More »

A few days ago, I was asked to leave the TEDWomen conference in Monterey, CA because I had brought my nursing infant with me. The staff politely explained that it has long been a rule at TED that children are not permitted at the conferences. I had been looking forward to the gathering for months, and felt embarrassed and disappointed. I had little choice but to pack up my things, change my plane ticket, and get ready to leave. Sitting in my hotel room, feeling dejected and waiting for our taxi to the airport, I tweeted about what had happened.

Nigeria’s Ban On Female Genital Mutilation Is A Big Win For Women’s Rights

June 02, 2015  | Read More »

In a move welcomed as a step in the right direction by international advocates, outgoing Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan has signed a bill officially banning the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM). The Violence Against Persons (Prohibition) Act 2015, which was passed by the Nigerian Senate earlier in May, also will prevent men from leaving their families without proving financial support, according to Reuters.

Brutal Murders Show Violence Women Face In Latin America

June 02, 2015  | Read More »

Buenos Aries - One was beaten to death because she got pregnant. Another was stabbed to death in a jealous rage. Another had her throat slit because she asked for a divorce.

Women In Tech: How Free Tampons Are Tackling The Gender Imbalance

June 02, 2015  | Read More »

Putting out tampons in ladies’ loos isn’t particularly controversial. But when such a simple gesture is celebrated with blogs and its own Twitter handle (#tamponclub), and is the subject of speeches on gender equality, it speaks volumes about the technology sector.


The Foreign Service: In Search of Diversity

May 29, 2015 The Foreign Service: In Search of Diversity

This week on PBS' To The Contrary with Bonnie Erbe, a documentary edition discussing diversity in the Foreign Service.

Click "read more" to learn more about it!

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Femvertising, "#RapeHoax" and Food Security Part II

May 22, 2015 Femvertising,

This week on To The Contrary with Bonnie Erbe, our panelists discuss  the fourth wave of feminism, the social media campaign #rapehoax, and part two of our series on food security.

On the panel this week joining host Bonnie Erbe is Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC); Liberal Commentator, Erin Matson; Network of Enlightened Women President Karin Agness; and Founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of the Hispanic Post Clara Del Villar.

Click read more to see what they had to say!

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About the Host - Bonnie Erbé

To The Contrary Host: Bonnie Erbé

Bonnie Erbé is a nonpartisan, award-winning American journalist and television host based in the Washington, D.C. area who has ...

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