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 Feminist Rock Band Betty's Amy Ziff

Feminist Rock Band Betty's Amy Ziff

To The Contrary Interviews Amy Ziff


TTC Extra: New Mexico & Contraceptives

TTC Extra: New Mexico & Contraceptives

Pharmacists can now prescribe contraceptives in New Mexico.

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California restricts state travel to Texas, other states over LGBT laws
The Hill

June 23, 2017  | Read More »

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra (D) will bar state employees from business trips to four states after those states passed measures limiting the rights of LGBT people. The new restrictions prohibit state-funded or state-sponsored travel to Texas, Alabama, Kentucky and South Dakota, Becerra said Thursday.

4 Ways the Senate Health Care Bill Would Hurt Women

June 23, 2017  | Read More »

Senate Republicans revealed new legislation—a much-anticipated follow-up to the American Health Care Act passed by the House of Representatives last month—intended to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. The Senate’s version of the bill, called the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017, keeps much of the framework of the ACHA, with a few changes.

Analysis: The women who could run Uber - if they actually wanted the job
Chicago Tribune

June 23, 2017  | Read More »

In the past few months, as Uber sputtered and veered off the road in a scandal-ridden pileup, the fast-moving ride-hailing firm has hired or featured one woman after another as it tries to keep from totaling its image.

Study: Majority of women's college coaches are white, male

June 23, 2017  | Read More »

Nearly 88 percent of head coaches of women's college teams are white, and nearly 57 percent of them are men, according to a study of eight major American collegiate sports conferences released Friday on the 45th anniversary of Title IX becoming law.


GOP Healthcare, Losing Ground, Crunk Feminism

June 23, 2017 GOP Healthcare, Losing Ground, Crunk Feminism

This week on To The Contrary with Bonnie Erbe, our panelists discuss the Republicans’ healthcare bill, why young women’s progress is stalling, and Crunk Feminism.

On the panel this week joining host Bonnie Erbe are Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC);  Atima Omara, President Emeritus, Young Democrats of America; Patrice Lee Onwuka, Senior Policy Analyst, Independent Women’s Voice; and Rina Shah, Republican Strategist.

Click read more to see what they had to say!

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Amy Ziff of the Feminist Rock Band BETTY

June 16, 2017 Amy Ziff of the Feminist Rock Band BETTY

She talks about her music and the social effect of feminist rock. Known for providing songs for HBO's Encyclopedia and performing the theme for The L Word on Showtime, BETTY has been playing for over 30 years. Amid the discussion, we hear snippets from BETTY's new CD, On the Rocks, and catch glimpses of their live performances.

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This Week on To The Contrary: Senators, Education & Forced Marriage

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To The Contrary Host: Bonnie Erbé

Bonnie Erbé is a nonpartisan, award-winning American journalist and television host based in the Washington, D.C. area who has ...

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