Women's Film Festival
  • Women Thought Leaders: Jean Case

    Women Thought Leaders: Jean Case

    To The Contrary talks to philanthropist Jean Case about how technology is empowering women.

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  • Woman Thought Leader: Amy Siskind

    Woman Thought Leader: Amy Siskind

    We continue our Woman Thought Leader Series with Amy Siskind. In her recent book The List, Siskind details Trump's actions throughout his presidency. She worries about the U.S. going from a democracy to an authoritarian leadership, and says we are moving in that direction.

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  • Justice Kennedy Retires;<br>Ocasio-Cortez Wins; Jemele Hill

    Justice Kennedy Retires;
    Ocasio-Cortez Wins; Jemele Hill

    What will happen to civil rights once Justice Kennedy is replaced? What the victory of a Democratic Socialist against a high-ranking incumbent means for the Democrats. The former Sportscenter host and current ESPN columnist talks about the intersection between sports and politics.

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  • Separated Families; Celebrity Candidates <br>Paid Leave Options

    Separated Families; Celebrity Candidates
    Paid Leave Options

    We take a look with special focus on how girls are being affected. With Cynthia Nixon running for governor of New York, we ask whether female celebrities have a harder time breaking into politics. The differing plans for offering paid leave to American workers.

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Women Thought Leaders: Amy Siskind

Women Thought Leaders: Amy Siskind

Siskind talks about Trump and why she says we are moving to an authoritarian government


TTC Extra: Jane Fonda on Women's Rights At Work

TTC Extra: Jane Fonda on Women's Rights At Work

Jane Fonda discusses women's issues at the Capitol.

Women's News

Women Lead Day Of Angry London Protests Against Donald Trump

July 16, 2018  | Read More »

A women’s march with thousands of protesters kicked off the “carnival of resistance” against Donald Trump on Friday by forming a wall of noise on the streets of London. Huge crowds had gathered for Women’s March London at the BBC headquarters by midday and they set off in the sunshine singing: “We are family, I’ve got all my sisters with me.”

No Going Back. How 2018 Has Drawn A Line In The Ground For Gender Progress In Leadership.

July 16, 2018  | Read More »

2018 has demonstrated significant progress in improving gender diversity but more needs to be done to promote more women into leadership.

Indian State Takes A Step Forward For Transgender Rights

July 16, 2018  | Read More »

The southern Indian state of Kerala announced this month that it would reserve places for transgender students in the state's higher education institutions, a move aimed at easing their stigmatization. The transgender community is among the most marginalized in India, with access to education and subsequently jobs mostly nonexistent, according to experts. Kerala's move to secure places in higher education is among the first initiatives in the country to help support their progress.

Paternity Leave Improves Children's Health & Strengthens Families
Daily Herald

July 16, 2018  | Read More »

When Fifth Third Bancorp introduced our four-week paid paternity leave last August, some executives quietly wondered if men would take it. A 2016 Deloitte study showed that more than one-third of fathers wouldn't take paternity leave because they fear it might jeopardize their position at work. That same study revealed that more than half of all respondents (men and women) thought spending time with their newborn would be perceived as a lack of commitment to work.


National Domestic Workers and Farmworker Women Alliances Meet with Jane Fonda to Discuss Protections for Women Across Industries

July 12, 2018 National Domestic Workers and Farmworker Women Alliances Meet with Jane Fonda to Discuss Protections for Women Across Industries

The National Domestic Workers and Women Farmworkers Alliances met with Jane Fonda at the United States Capitol Thursday morning to discuss protections for women workers across industries.

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TTC Film Festival Winner The Passionate Pursuits Of Angela Bowen Wins Clarion Award

July 09, 2018 TTC Film Festival Winner The Passionate Pursuits Of Angela Bowen Wins Clarion Award

The Passionate Pursuits of Angela Bowen won best documentary under the category “Women’s History U.S.” in the 2017 To the Contrary About Women and Girls film festival. To the Contrary began this now-annual film festival in 2016. This festival focuses on highlighting the rights and struggles of women, girls and diverse communities where winners will have their programming broadcast nationally on PBS. This year, we are working on our 3rd annual festival. You can watch the 2018 winning films as part of TTC on PBS and our website this December.


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Justice Kennedy Retires; OCasio-Cortez Wins & Jemele Hill

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