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Dividing The United Methodist Church (Encore)

Dividing The United Methodist Church (Encore)

A special documentary about LGBT & the United Methodist Church


TTC Extra: Women's History Museum

TTC Extra: Women's History Museum

A congressional commission has called for the construction of a Women's History Museum.


The Blue Bubble

December 08, 2016 The Blue Bubble

By Sallie Bingham 

A dear friend told me the other day that she thinks we live in a blue bubble here in New Mexico. On the electoral map, New Mexico and Colorado show up as almost insignificant small blue squares in a sea of red, so unimportant on the national level we received almost no attention or visits during the previous election—which may be just as well. But before I give in to survivor’s guilt about being the beneficiary of blue, I want to take a minute to think why this happened.

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Holy Family

December 05, 2016 Holy Family

By Sallie Bingham

As we try to make sense of what has happened and what is likely to happen, I keep hearing the phrase “The American Dream”—the mantra of the conservatives. I never believed it existed—what dream does?—but a commentator whose name I didn’t hear on NPR today advanced the opinion that it did exist—once—in a golden period of prosperity from the end of the war that created it in 1945 to the revelations of Watergate in 1973.

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Women's News

Labor Secretary Pick May Rekindle Trump’s Women Problem. And Chris Christie Won’t Head Republican Party.
The New York Times

December 08, 2016  | Read More »

Well before the emergence of a video of Mr. Trump bragging of sexual assault, his attitude toward women posed a political problem for him. With the president said to be reaching out to the fast-food executive Andrew F. Puzder to lead Labor, look for the questions to come back.

GOP Women Rise To Power In Iowa

December 08, 2016  | Read More »

Two years ago, Iowa had never even elected a woman to Congress. Now, Republican women are taking over the state.

Black Rights Activist Viola Desmond To Be 1st Canadian Woman On $10 Bill
CBC News

December 08, 2016  | Read More »

Black rights activist Viola Desmond, who was jailed for defiantly sitting in the "whites only" section of a Nova Scotia film house, will be the first Canadian woman to be featured on the country's $10 bill, beginning in 2018.

Megyn Kelly Missed an Opportunity to Help Women

December 08, 2016  | Read More »

Propelled by salacious details about Roger Ailes’ unwanted advances and her bruising contretemps with now President-elect Donald Trump, Megyn Kelly’s new tell-all memoir, Settle for More, has grabbed headlines. While Kelly should be commended for addressing sexism in the workplace, lamentable is her lost opportunity to provide significant guidance for women facing similar circumstances, a strange omission, given her background in law.

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