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The Controversy Over H-1B Visas

The Controversy Over H-1B Visas

To The Contrary explores how H-1B visas impact the life of an American worker.


Women's History Month Profile: <br> Jane Goodall

Women's History Month Profile:
Jane Goodall

Dr. Jane Goodall: The renowned conservationist on women & conservationism.

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40 Years Later, Redbook’s Survey Results on Workplace Sexual Harassment are Basically the Same

March 28, 2017  | Read More »

We would maybe like to think of the 1970s as a troubled but also bygone era as it applies the struggles of women attempting to achieve workplace parity. Four decades, presumably, is a lot of time in which to progress. The 2010s may not the Good Girls Revolt era, and women don’t have to resort to measures like suing publications in order to get the reporting roles for which they are qualified, but sexual harassment in the workplace, as Redbook discovered, remains perniciously persistent.

Opinion: ‘I’m not afraid’: The President of Tiny Estonia Gives a Giant Lesson in Leadership
Washington Post

March 28, 2017  | Read More »

“No, I’m not afraid. … I trust NATO.” When you are president of a Baltic republic that shares a border with Vladimir Putin’s Russia, there really is no other response. But when it comes from Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid, you are left with the distinct impression that she means exactly what she says.

Equal Pay for Men and Women? Iceland Wants Employers to Prove It
New York Times

March 28, 2017  | Read More »

REYKJAVIK, Iceland — On a chilly afternoon in October, Frida Ros Valdimarsdottir, a former home-care worker turned women’s rights advocate, left her office at exactly 2:38 p.m. and headed to Reykjavik’s main square, where throngs of women were forming a boisterous crowd. It was the time — roughly two and a half hours before the end of the workday — that many protesters reckoned they stopped being paid for equal work.

Women's health care remains concern despite replacement bill's failure
Casper Star Tribune

March 28, 2017  | Read More »

Laramie resident Aimee Van Cleave visited her doctor in January – shortly before the inauguration of President Donald Trump – and received an IUD, which will nearly guarantee she won’t become pregnant in the next three years, she said. Van Cleave has been married almost five years. She and her husband have decided they don’t want children anytime soon, she said. She’s also the executive director of the Wyoming Democratic Party.


Ugly Words

March 21, 2017

By Sallie Bingham

Not spoken, but written. Not signed. Left on my windshield… glimpsed on the bumper of a car in a parking lot here in Santa Fe. I won’t repeat them because they stick like burrs in memory. But we all know what they are, and we all know the abusive words they use.

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Women's History Month Profile: Gloria Steinem

March 20, 2017 Women's History Month Profile: Gloria Steinem

Gloria Steinem is an American feminist, journalist, and social and political activist who became nationally recognized as a leader and spokeswoman for the feminist movement in the late 1960s and early 70s.

Steinem currently travels internationally as an organizer and lecturer and is a media spokeswoman on issues of equality.

See the exclusive interview with To the Contrary here.

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