Rep. Carolyn  Maloney (D-NY) Jenifer Rajkumar Ashe Schow
Sandra Day O'Connor Dr. Maya Angelou Christine Kim
Danielle Moodie-Mills Amanda Terkel Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN)
Anushay  Hossain Gretchen Hamel Rep. Terri Sewell (D-AL)
Clara Del Villar Julie Gunlock Patricia Sosa
Darlene Kennedy Marlene Trestman Carole Simpson
Lilly Ledbetter Geena Davis Cheri Jacobus
Jane Pauley Ritu  Sharma Erica  Williams Simon

Lesson Plans


To the Contrary is dedicated to offering educational material to be used in conjunction with our program.  Please see below for lesson plans that are currently available for school and group use.   If you have any additional questions please send an email to

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