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Siobhan ''Sam'' Bennett


Siobhan “Sam” Bennett is the former President/CEO of the Women’s Campaign Forum (WCF). In 2008, Sam ran one of the most exciting challenger campaigns for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 15th district. A first-time congressional candidate, she garnered national attention with her fundraising skills and won the endorsements of over forty national organizations. Though ultimately losing her race to incumbent Charles Dent, she obtained more votes than any other Democratic candidate in the district’s history and raised more money than any local Democrat had ever raised for that seat. Sam first ran for political office in 2001, when she nearly defeated long-time State Senator Roy Afflerbach in the Allentown mayoral race – losing by only 46 votes in PA’s third largest city.

Her experience as a female candidate as well as her leadership at WCF has given Sam a wealth of knowledge about the unique experiences of women in politics. Sam has appeared on MSNBC, FOX, and PBS networks as well as quoted in POLITICO and ElectWomen Magazine.

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