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Cecilia Muñoz Nicole Kurokawa Neily Gro Harlem Brundtland
Kim Gandy Lara Brown Jennifer Garner
Manal Omar Geena Davis Jennifer Sevilla Korn
Former Rep. Mary  Bono (R-CA) Tammy  Baldwin (D-WI) Marjorie Clifton
Gretchen Hamel Rep. Donna Edwards Amy Ziff
Kellyanne Conway Jennifer  Marshall Jenifer Rajkumar
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Saba Ahmed


Saba Ahmed is the founder of the Republican Muslim Coalition. Saba works as a patent attorney and obtained her LLC at the American University Washington School of Law. Saba originally ran for congress in her home state of Oregon as a Democrat in 2011 but quickly changed to Republicanism in 2012. Saba resides in Washington D.C. and her goal is to educate conservative Republican groups about Islam.

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