TO OUR CREDIT's outreach campaign was created by the Access to Credit Media Project (ACMP). ACMP is a project of Rooy Media, TO OUR CREDIT's producer. It is affiliated with Media for Development International, a Maryland-based 501(c)iii nonprofit organization.

ACMP has tracked the growth of the microcredit and microenterprise movements over the past six years, shooting in twenty locations in twelve countries. This effort has reached fruition with the creation of:

To Our Credit, its program for public television, which explores the issue of microcredit through the lives of people around the globe and in the United States.

nonbroadcast videotapes of shorter length and narrower focus for a variety of formal and informal educational uses.

a clearinghouse of videotape footage from  around the world for use by media, educational and development professionals.

partnerships for public education with individuals and organizations which share the project's goal of bringing the issue of access to credit into public focus.

For more information about ACMP's work, please contact:
The Access to Credit Media Project
P.O. Box 2007
Frederick, MD 21705-2007
TEL: (301) 473-8797
FAX: (301) 473-8695

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