TO OUR CREDIT's staff has prepared a menu of strategies which outreach participants can use to reach their own goals. Among the educational events and activities they can create or take part in are:

Press conference or luncheon -- announcing a
  new microcredit initiative

Video screening and discussion -- at church and civic group meetings

Breakfast briefing -- for local civic and business leaders, featuring local microentrepreneurs and lenders

Business fair -- involving microenterprises, training centers, business incubators, or mentoring programs

Awards ceremony -- honoring local supporters of microcredit and microenterprise development

Teach-in or seminar -- on microcredit, in association with college or university

Fundraiser -- for local or global microcredit program

Leaflet distribution -- in shop windows and on bulletin boards

Announcements -- in church bulletins, community calendars and on local radio stations

Op-eds and letters to the editor -- to local newspapers

Phone-ins -- to local talk radio shows
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