A large number of national organizations have become TO OUR CREDIT'S partners for public education.


Central to this effort is a national visibility campaign funded by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation. Three organizations are working together to educate Americans about microenterprise development in the United States:

Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO)
AEO is the national association of organizations committed to microenterprise development in the United States. It works with over 500 members and many national partners to ensure that the primary goal for the microenterprise development industry is achieved: to assist one million low-income and disadvantaged individuals to achieve economic self-suficiency through self-employment by 2008.

Center for Policy Alternatives (CPA)
CPA develops concrete policy proposals for economic development; it also creates strategies for bringing them to a network of public officials. CPA works directly with practitioners of microenterprise as part of its policy work on rural economic development.

Access to Credit Media Project (ACMP)
ACMP is TO OUR CREDIT'S producer and the creator of several visual media presentations to educate people about microcredit and microenterprise development.

Other central collaborators in TO OUR CREDIT'S public education campaign include the following pioneers in international microcredit, U.S.-based microenterprise development, and women's economic and social issues:

ACCION International
ACCION has provided financial services to microentrepreneurs in the U.S. and Latin America for 16 years. ACCION has loaned over $1 billion to more than one million clients in the last five years. Some of its member institutions hav become self-sustaining.

Grameen Foundation
Grameen Bank in Bangladesh lends more than $25 million each month to more than 2 million borrowers, most of them women. Grameen Foundation is a non-profit organization in the U.S. which informs and educates Americans about microcredit and the Grameen philosophy.

Microcredit Summit
The Microcredit Summit is a global campaign working to ensure that 100 million of the world's poorest families, especialy women, receive credit for self-employment and other financial and business services by the year 2005.

Ms. Foundation for Women
The Ms. Foundation is a national, multi-issue public women's fund founded in 1972. Since 1986, the Foundation has provided technical assistance and funding to organizations throughout the United States engaged in microenterprise develoment with low-income women.

RESULTS is an international grass-roots organization formed to lobby against hunger. Based on the idea that every individual can make a difference, RESULTS believes that what is missing is not the resources to end hunger but the political will to do so.

Self-Employment Learning Project (SELP)
Housed at the Aspen Institute, SELP is a multi-year research and evaluation effort designed to produce new information about the field of self-employment and about microenterprise as a poverty-alleviation and job-creation strategy in the United States.

Women's Environment and Development Organization (WEDO)
WEDO is an international advocacy network working to achieve a healthy and peaceful planet, with social, political, economic and environmental justice for all through the empowerment of women.

Women's World Banking (WWB)
(Website currently in development) WWB expands low-income women's economic assets, participation and power by opening access to finance, information and markets. Its worldwide network includes 41 affiliates in 34 countries, with over 200,000 active clients.

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