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TO OUR CREDIT offers a unique opportunity to educate local communities and to build support for microcredit and microenterprise development. Participants can use the broadcast, or a video- cassette copy of TO OUR CREDIT to raise the visibility of this important issue and of their work in this field.

While the outreach campaign is national in scope, it is local in application. While TO OUR CREDIT's staff is available for advice, local partners are encouraged to formulate their own goals. For instance, partners may choose to:

Educate policy makers about the large contribution microenterprises can make to a community's economic vitality.

Inspire volunteers and community activists to help provide the support systems microentrepreneurs need to survive.

Nurture new sources of financial support for specific microcredit and microenterprise development hold for them.

Impress upon business and civic leaders the need to build a more inclusive local and world economy.

Establish partnerships with banks and encourage their participation as funders, facilitators and mentors.

Inform church members of microcredit's contribution to the fight for economic and social justice.

Highlight for women and minorities the special promise that microcredit and microenterprise development hold for them.

Teach young people about their own economy and society, and give them fresh ideas of how to succeed in both.
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