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Designing the Mall

Image of Designing the Mall
The National Mall – America's Front Yard

The design of the National Mall involved converting tidal flats, forests and farmland into the major landmarks we see today. Designer Pierre Charles L’Enfant placed major landmarks on high points, placing the Capitol Building on the highest spot. Continue

Collection of stereographs offers a new look at Civil War

Image of Collection of stereographs offers a new look at Civil War
PBS NewsHour

In our NewsHour Shares video of the day, 87-year-old Robin Stanford, who has been collecting rare Civil War images for five decades, recently donated more than 500 images to the Library of Congress. The Library has digitized dozens of the stereographs, an early form of 3-D image, and made them available online. Continue

Take a Closer Look at Inside the Court of Henry VIII

Image of Take a Closer Look at Inside the Court of Henry VIII
Inside the Court of Henry VIII

Flip through photos from Inside the Court of Henry VIII. Part medieval tyrant, part renaissance prince, King Henry VIII ruled over his people as no king of England had ever done before. Pull back the veil to expose the vicious rivalries and conspiracies that characterized his court. Airs Tuesday, April 7, 2015 at 8 p.m. ET. Check your local listings. Continue

"Memory of the Camps" - Preview

Image of "Memory of the Camps" - Preview

A landmark historical film discovered by FRONTLINE in a museum vault decades ago has been called “Hitchcock’s lost Holocaust film.” First broadcast by the series in 1985, the documentary shows the first horrifying footage shot as Allied troops entered the Nazi death camps, and draws on initial editing done by famed director Alfred Hitchcock before the film was shelved 70 years ago. Continue

How Teddy Bear Got His Name

Image of How Teddy Bear Got His Name
Antiques Roadshow

The Teddy bear is one of the most beloved toys in the world. Do you know how it got its name? Continue

"Desperate Eyes"

Image of "Desperate Eyes"
American Experience

South Vietnamese veteran Dam Pham and U.S. Army veteran Stuart Herrington describe the chaos at the U.S. Embassy during the final days of Saigon in April, 1975. "Last Days in Vietnam" airs April 28, 2015 on PBS American Experience. Continue

American Ballet Theatre: A History

Image of American Ballet Theatre: A History
American Masters Exclusive

Ric Burns’ documentary on the 75-year history of the preeminent ballet company combines rehearsal footage, virtuoso performances and interviews with ABT's key figures including Alicia Alonso and the late Donald Saddler and Frederic Franklin; Susan Jaffe and Julie Kent, Misty Copeland, Gillian Murphy, Marcelo Gomez, Hee Seo, choreographer Alexei Ratmansky and Artistic Director Kevin McKenzie. Continue

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