Do white, blacks, or any other particular race tend to give you more money?
Any race. There are no races here ... You could be white, black, purple, green. If you meet the right people with good hearts, that know what you're going through, and who have sympathy, they give it to you, man. There's people out there that think the way you think. At least you ain't robbing nobody for it.
What if I was in her shoes, and I was sitting there begging? I wouldn't want anybody to deny me, if I really needed it. Hey, that's the way I feel. I'm keeping it real.

I've had all the things in the world a person wants—cars, clothes, nice apartment, everything. So now that I don't have it, I'm more happy. And I pray for people. And I feel good. Like right now.
As I walk down here, I see kids—black, white, purple, blue, and if they were hungry, I'd go and I'd probably give them something, if I had it. I have no malice in my bones toward no one. Matter of fact, not a lot of black people help me down here, it's white people that help. If that weren't the case, I'd be starving to death.
So I don't have any malice towards anyone. It's not right. You don't want people to have the wrong impression about things.

Does race make a difference for you?

Panhandling is Better than Committing Crimes



Do you prefer panhandlers who perform a task for you, such as opening a door?

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