Do panhandlers of a particular race do better than others?
I'm not racist. What I really believe is that a person's going to give regardless of what ethnic background they are.

White people do better. They do!
Look, I hang out with Jose, Easy, the Irish guy, the Indian guy, it's about five of us. And when you see us, it's a rainbow. I'm the only girl right now. But, you see us, it's a rainbow, and I like it! But they don't see it ... I was talking to them by the grate the other day, and I said, look at us, man, look at how all of us get along, look at this! This is our own cult, man!
And at a young age, I went to Catholic school, so it's like my interaction with white people was like, "Yeah, well, okay, you're here, I'm here, what we gonna do? We're gonna play." So you know? That's how I took it, at a very young age: as "so what?" If I have to say I'm prejudiced, I'm prejudiced equal all race, even my own. Cause they do some sh**, man. And prejudice means a dislike. I don't know why they mean race. If you look it up, prejudice means a dislike.

I think the Latino would do the worst, I think the black or the white would do better. Because the Latino wouldn't be speaking the language that either black or white did ... The majority of the people you're going to relate to are going to be either black or white.

Do you think that women or men give you more money?
And white women.
Why do you think that is?
Maybe they're harder. They understand what a person's going through, understand? It's always my own kind that will pull their chin up and walk past me, and look at me like I'm a piece of sh**, like they're better than me. And that gets me pissed off too, understand?
But it's always a white person that'll have a little sympathy for a black person. And it makes me feel good, like at least it isn't always a prejudiced thing. I just feel like my own kind is more prejudiced against their own kind than ... being prejudiced of a white person. And I'm keeping it real with you, that's right. I get more handouts and donations from a white person, than a black person.

Black people don't give you nothing. It's sad to say. I don't know, it's just how it is. I can't really explain it, it's just how it is. Black people ... it's hard to explain. I just don't know. I'm black, it's sad to say, but they don't. Black panhandlers get more. I haven't seen too many white people panhandling. I've seen about one or two out here. It's basically black people. It all depends on the individual. We all might make fifty, sixty, seventy dollars a day. For an individual, it's how long you're going to stay out there. It's all about time. Time is everything. Time and patience, and perseverance.

I'm gonna tell you the truth about this, cause it really bugs me, and I'm black. Black people, they come in here, I open the door, "Good afternoon, please help the homeless, I'm trying to get something to eat," they won't say thank you, a lot of them. I'd say seven out of ten won't say thank you.
They'll go, walk up to the line, they'll finish their transaction. They will hold their hands in their pockets, you know, act like they have something in their hands. And I HAVE to open the door for them going out, and like they're not ready to hold the door, going out themselves, and they won't say "You're welcome." I say "have a good day." They won't say "Thank you" or anything. But a lot of them do, but I'd say seventy percent of them don't.

Does race make a difference for you?

Black, White, Purple


When panhandlers tell you why they want money, do you think the majority of them are...
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