What do you do to get less people to ignore you?
You know what I do? I ignore them just like they ignore me. If they don't want to acknowledge me, I'll let them walk by, like I don't even see them. I'll talk to my friend. We ask the next person that comes by.

When people ignore me, I say God bless you. I'm only speaking peace, love and happiness! That's all I'm saying! And God bless you! And love the Lord! Praise the Lord, that's all I'm saying.
If they desire not to, I ask God to bless them. That's all. If they don't, God bless them anyway. I don't stop nobody. Amen. I don't stop nobody. If a person comes and throws a penny in, I say "Thank you, brother, and God bless you."

Talking to panhandlers?



Stupid People

Between the two, who would get your spare change?
"Joseph", wearing dirty rags"Robert", wearing clean clothing and a tie

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