Some people say that they don't give to panhandlers because it's the government's job to provide food, housing and medical care to those in need.
I don't think so. I think if people have enough to give a person, then they should give. It's an individual's job. If I've got fifty dollars, then I can give you two! I mean, I don't have it now—I'm not saying that people should have to do that. It's not a bad idea.
The government has enough problems—they owe enough debts and things, already. So it doesn't hurt for a person to give. Everybody wants everything. They don't give enough. What are you gonna do with it? When you die, you can't carry it with you. What you gonna do with it all? You got a computer, you got five million dollars, what you gonna do with all that? I don't understand it.

Some people think some panhandlers deserve assistance and others don't, and it's easy for a passerby to tell who's who.
That's full of sh**. It is—it's full of sh**, because your clothes make you up, first of all. So if I put on dirty clothes for the day, then who needs help and who doesn't need help? You could be a millionaire, just wanting to have something to f***ing DO. And play the game and be a homeless person. And you gonna tell me you gonna KNOW?
And I got a friend that came out and said, I wanna come and hang out with you guys. He's paying $2000 a month rent, and he's panhandled with us. He said "I don't like this sh**! You do this all day? Why do you do this? They don't even give you enough money!"
They are curious about what we are doing: "I wanna try what you do." Why do you want to try it? You got a $2000 apartment, why do you want to try it? Okay, you try what I do, and let me go sit in your house, and I'll go upstairs and eat your food. I'm not gonna stay out here with you! But they're just curious.

Should rich people give more money?


How Your Present Yourself

Rich People

Which statement do you agree with more?
Panhandling is like being on welfare.Panhandlers are like entrepreneurs.

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