And people are beautiful. This is the greatest country in the world—there's enough wealth out there for people to give to somebody. If I see a man out there, and I've got eight dollars, I'll give him a dollar. And I have nothing. Regardless of whatever color he was, I'd give him something. Now, why is it that people that have way more than me, they can't stop and say "Here's a dollar"?

Some people don't give to panhandlers because they think panhandling is lazy, and people just do it because it's easier to make money that way than by holding down a job.
That's a good thought, but remember what President Reagan said about workfare in his State of the Union address the other evening? He said it's cool when you take people off of welfare, but don't just take them off of welfare without giving them any work to do. If they're saying it's lazy, they should just offer that person a job.
Clinton, Clinton. [He's correcting himself for saying "President Reagan" before.] I even got a letter for him in my bag right now. For him. Addressing him: why don't you make a workfare for veterans? If we're willing to fight for the country, we're willing to work for it.

Who the hell is society to tell you how to live? Long as you ain't breaking no laws, if you ain't giving me sh**, you're telling me what to do, where's my individuality, man? Who am I representing—United States, or am I representing me? It comes to me first.
And that's who I have to think about—me. Not about your f***ing laws, man. I can't, because it would make you go f***ing crazy. I can't do this, I can't do that, I can't, I can't, I'm black, I'm this, I'm a woman, I'm this, I'm that, I'm bisexual, I'm homosexual ... What is that sh**, man? I don't think about it, I don't. And I can't.
I don't care if you don't like me or not. And if you take that away from me, that's my privilege. So who am I talking to? And you know what? If you got a strong drive, no matter how low I go in life, I still got some beauty in me. That's how it goes. It hurts sometimes, but you know what—if I don't do it, I'm robbing myself.
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Between the two, who would get your spare change?
"Joan", who tells you she is ill"Mary", who tells you she is handicapped

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