October 27th, 2008
Annie Leibovitz
Life Through A Lens

Born in 1949 in Waterbury, Connecticut, Annie Leibovitz enrolled in the San Francisco Art Institute intent on studying painting. It was not until she traveled to Japan with her mother the summer after her sophomore year that she discovered her interest in taking photographs. When she returned to San Francisco that fall, she began taking night classes in photography. Time spent on a kibbutz in Israel allowed her to hone her skills further.

In 1970 Leibovitz approached Jann Wenner, founding editor of Rolling Stone, which he’d recently launched and was operating out of San Francisco. Impressed with her portfolio, Wenner gave Leibovitz her first assignment: shoot John Lennon. Leibovitz’s black-and-white portrait of the shaggy-looking Beatle graced the cover of the January 21, 1971 issue. Two years later she was named Rolling Stone chief photographer.

When the magazine began printing in color in 1974, Leibovitz followed suit. “In school, I wasn’t taught anything about lighting, and I was only taught black-and-white,” she told ARTnews in 1992. “So I had to learn color myself.” Among her subjects from that period are Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, and Patti Smith. Leibovitz also served as the official photographer for the Rolling Stones’ 1975 world tour. While on the road with the band she produced her iconic black-and-white portraits of Keith Richards and Mick Jagger, shirtless and gritty.

In 1980 Rolling Stone sent Leibovitz to photograph John Lennon and Yoko Ono, who had recently released their album “Double Fantasy.” For the portrait Leibovitz imagined that the two would pose together nude. Lennon disrobed, but Ono refused to take off her pants. Leibovitz “was kinda disappointed,” according to Rolling Stone, and so she told Ono to leave her clothes on. “We took one Polaroid,” said Leibovitz, “and the three of us knew it was profound right away.” The resulting portrait shows Lennon nude and curled around a fully clothed Ono. Several hours later, Lennon was shot dead in front of his apartment. The photograph ran on the cover of the Rolling Stone Lennon commemorative issue. In 2005 the American Society of Magazine Editors named it the best magazine cover from the past 40 years.

Annie Leibovitz: Photographs, the photographer’s first book, was published in 1983. The same year Leibovitz joined Vanity Fair and was made the magazine’s first contributing photographer. At Vanity Fair she became known for her wildly lit, staged, and provocative portraits of celebrities. Most famous among them are Whoopi Goldberg submerged in a bath of milk and Demi Moore naked and holding her pregnant belly. (The cover showing Moore — which then-editor Tina Brown initially balked at running — was named second best cover from the past 40 years.) Since then Leibovitz has photographed celebrities ranging from Brad Pitt to Mikhail Baryshnikov. She’s shot Ellen DeGeneres, the George W. Bush cabinet, Michael Moore, Madeleine Albright, and Bill Clinton. She’s shot Scarlett Johannson and Keira Knightley nude, with Tom Ford in a suit; Nicole Kidman in ball gown and spotlights; and, recently, the world’s long-awaited first glimpse of Suri Cruise, along with parents Tom and Katie. Her portraits have appeared in Vogue, The New York Times Magazine, and The New Yorker, and in ad campaigns for American Express, the Gap, and the Milk Board.

Among other honors, Leibovitz has been made a Commandeur des Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French government and has been designated a living legend by the Library of Congress. Her first museum show, Photographs: Annie Leibovitz 1970-1990, took place in 1991 at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. and toured internationally for six years. At the time she was only the second living portraitist — and the only woman — to be featured in an exhibition by the institution.

Leibovitz met Susan Sontag in 1989 while photographing the writer for her book AIDS and its Metaphors. “I remember going out to dinner with her and just sweating through my clothes because I thought I couldn’t talk to her,” Leibovitz said in an interview with The New York Times late last year. Sontag told her, “You’re good, but you could be better.” Though the two kept separate apartments, their relationship lasted until Sontag’s death in late 2004.

Sontag’s influence on Leibovitz was profound. In 1993 Leibovitz traveled to Sarajevo during the war in the Balkans, a trip that she admits she would not have taken without Sontag’s input. Among her work from that trip is Sarajevo, Fallen Bicycle of Teenage Boy Just Killed by a Sniper, a black-and-white photo of a bicycle collapsed on blood-smeared pavement. Sontag, who wrote the accompanying essay, also first conceived of Leibovitz’s book Women (1999). The book includes images of famous people along with those not well known. Celebrities like Susan Sarandon and Diane Sawyer share space with miners, soldiers in basic training, and Las Vegas showgirls in and out of costume.

Leibovitz’s most recent book, A Photographer’s Life: 1990-2005, includes her trademark celebrity portraits. But it also features personal photographs from Leibovitz’s life: her parents, siblings, children, nieces and nephews, and Sontag. Leibovitz, who has called the collection “a memoir in photographs,” was spurred to assemble it by the deaths of Sontag and her father, only weeks apart. The book even includes photos of Leibovitz herself, like the one that shows her nude and eight months pregnant, à la Demi Moore. That picture was taken in 2001, shortly before Leibovitz gave birth to daughter Sarah. Daughters Susan and Samuelle, named in honor of Susan and Leibovitz’s father, were born to a surrogate in 2005.

Leibovitz composed these personal photographs with materials that she used when she was first starting out in the ’70s: a 35-millimeter camera, black-and-white Tri X film. “I don’t have two lives,” she writes in the book’s introduction. “This is one life, and the personal pictures and the assignment work are all part of it.” Still, she told the Times, this book is the “most intimate, it tells the best story, and I care about it.”

–Rachel Somerstein

Rachel Somerstein is a writer who lives in New York.

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    John Lennon was shot on Dec.8th, 1980, not 1981. Oh, and Jann Wenner didn’t just give Annie the John Lennon shoot … she begged to go with him and do the shoot. I think that’s important to know.

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    As a military combat correspondent (first active Marine Corps and now a proud Citizen-Soldier with the Georgia National Guard), I fancy myself as a potential Annie Leibovitz. Wanting to allow the general public to see what I am privileged to see. On the battlefield and at home. Brave, solid individuals who, collectively, form a force we all can be proud of. As we are proud of you Ms. Leibovitz & when I grow up I hope to be half as good as you. Tracy J. Smith, Sgt. 48th IBCT PAO Georgia Army National Guard – Afghanistan here we come!

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    Your photographs are truly compelling and telling of each one of your subjects. Whenever I look at one of your photos I am instantly drawn.

    As a parent of a child with autism I was wondering if you’ve ever considered photographing these incredible children. I find right now the world is caught up in the chaos, sensationalism, the increasing diagnoses and the controversies surrounding this very complex disorder that we know so little about.

    I would love the world to forget if only for a moment, the “Rain Man” image, the “Dennis Leary” /”Jenny McCarthy” theories, the vaccines, the plethora of /costs of treatments associated with autism and just see the beauty and innocence of these children just as their families do everyday.*

    A book of your photographs that embraced and celebrated these very special children who bring so much joy to so many lives would open so many eyes to the world of autism

    I believe if any photographer could bring that out, it would be you.

    * Note: With the exception of Mr. Leary, I am not knocking Ms McCarthy or any of the treatments/ theories as parents make their own choices with what is best for their child; it’s just we’re burdened with conflicting information everyday regarding treatments and it can be overwhelming and tiresome. Wouldn’t it be nice for the world to enjoy and see them as we families do or, as close as possible as we do.

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    Annie: You are amazing as always and we love you!!

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    I met you at the book fair at the JCC in Atlanta. I mentioned to you my mom was Susans first cousin. She was wondering if you had her sisters email address so she could contact her. We truly enjoyed your show.
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    annie was the first photographer that i became extremely firmiliar with and she took every single word and image from my brain. she is honestly my number one inspiration and i will be just as successful as her if not more…she is a hero to this world.
    see you around annie.

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    Hello Annie and PBS! Thank you for doing a segment on the photograghy of Annie Leibovitz. I had the great pleasure of meeting her, and having her sign one of my photos.
    She was very kind and most gracious, as we had a short conversation about cameras and film these days.
    Her images always inspired me to think outside the box, and I hope to see her again in the near future.
    Annie, you are one of a kind, and you love your family as much as I do mine.

    Thank you for everything, and thanks PBS for this great program!

    Sincerely yours,
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    I think that photographing autistic children is an amazing idea. My brother is autistic and there is so much more than the Rain Man concept and all these other images of autistic children and people that the public never sees. It would be a great oppurtunity to open the eyes of a lot of people.

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    For me one of the most memorable photographs made by Annie is of the Queen, sitting by an open window. The image is so moody and evocative, one can truly call it pre-photoshop’s era classic.

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    i am a photographer from Argentina, i will be visiting NY in 15 days, and i would like to visit your studio because i grew up looking at your work in magazines.
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    do you receive guests?
    Best Regards…

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    After all it is only a form in space But then again there is an arguement for the sensativity of the photographer to bring us something of the underlying spirit of the subject.

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    se alguém, por favor,souber algum meio de se comunicar com ela, seja só para enviar uma mensagem ou carta, entre em contato por favor.

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    How do I get hold of Annie Leibovitz? I am upcoming photographer and I want to learn photography from her so I can also shoot high profile people like Mr. President and all that.

  • Alladin

    The “attractiveness” of a photograph is a matter of opinion. I personally find that her work is extremely uninteresting and bland. The most amazing thing she does is get people to make ridiculous poses. Admittedly, she makes good compositions and manages to get technically correct shots. Beyond that its all in the eye of the beholder.

  • viola

    what’s the deal with you and EDD BENSON from nola
    do you really know him come on-get real- everyone in nola knows what he solicts –
    you were doing him a johnlennon- what was that all about ?

  • Debbie

    Your work is beautiful. I only wish I could afford to have a photograph made. Wonderful work! God Bless!

  • Yvonne

    You were doing well until you took pictures of the Obamas.

  • SAKProductions

    We are, once again, in the kitchen.

  • gabbygirrrl

    this is sooo inspiring! i had to research this girl for school, and it’s just fantastic!!!!!!!!

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