January 3rd, 2007
Annie Leibovitz
Photo Gallery
  • angela

    Annie….. amazing job. I just watched the movie “Life through a lens”. Great job, very inspirational !


    very good.i like these photos.

  • Linda Bullock

    Ms. Leibovitz — You inspire me. And you are in my thoughts and prayers…

  • Thelma

    Annie, amazing, that’s all I can say. Your work has re-inspired me.

  • Sally Ron

    amazing pictures. very interesting .

  • Jason

    Annie… totally iconic, timeless and untamed national treasure… i love everything you inspire.

  • Trish Miller

    Inspiring artist. I felt privileged to have seen her creativity. She allowed us to see her inner self in many of her photos. She chose a career that allowed more people to see her art. I am grateful for this.

  • Everett Hunter

    An extremely fine woman of vision!!

  • Steve Hawkins

    Where do I get a copy of her Sammy Davis, Jr. photo for the Am erican Express commercial?

  • Azure Schaffer

    You inspire me everyday! One frame at a time…..

  • Isabelle Williams

    These photographs are amazing! They truely inspire and are works of genius! For these people to be immortilised by Annie Leibovitz is a true honour.

  • Denise Lamb

    You have always touched me to my Core…you are an amazing role model for all women.
    Thank You
    Peace and Light

  • Amy Hughes

    You are my hero and my inspiration, I want to do what you do and I can only hope to do it half as well.

  • chloe j-t

    You are an inspiration to me although i am only 11 i
    have done a lot of reseach on you and have found it very interesting and inspiring to me and millions of other people.

  • lora

    thankyou so much. your work has really helped me with ideas for my a level art! id love to know the ideas behind some of your work! Fanstastic!!!

  • Veronika

    amazing, I didnt see something like this… I really like it

  • Pete Smith

    I saw your exhibition in London and was blown away. Inspiring work. So inspiring I decided to work on a portraiture project for my next photographic adventure!

  • Nicole Jean Blizard

    OMG i love Annie i am using her as my imspiration for a media project at school my main inspiration being the photo of John and Yoko. So sad that he had to die hours later – a massive talent lost! But always remembered in the photos of Annie Leibovitz!!

  • Laura

    your amazing i love you are you dead?

  • ………

    these are sweet .

  • Bev Wright

    No one can hold a candle to your work Annie! You truly
    pulled me out of a funk and gave me inspiration.
    Thank you for your wonderful images, they’re unforgettable.

  • Mike D

    I love some, but she seems to “break the rules” to no effect. e.g. in the John & Yoko photo, how does the jeans leg on the bed contribute to the photo; or why in the Mikhail Baryshnikov photo does the hand exceed the backdrop. Can someone please comment?

  • jaewon

    your works so amazing!
    i love these all!
    i wish meet you

  • Hari Yong

    Annie, i like yours work , bagus – cantik

  • http://petegonzales.wordpress.com/2009/05/15/photographer-list/ Photographer list « Petegonzales’s Blog
  • bruna Dessena

    her genius is humbling

  • Nick McCabe

    It’s amazing how simple it looks, yet it is not. Beautiful photographs are few and far between. Being a Freelancer (free being the operative word) I can only hope to someday capture something as timeless as any of these.

  • melissa jenkins

    she’s great..luvluv

  • Philippe Gelin

    Good work of course but I think Annie is well overrated. Go to flickr and you’ll find a lot of people who do the same kind of work if not better. They just haven’t got the star status!

  • philippe

    I don’t know who is moderating this blog but it’s clear that you only allow people who are unconditional admirer of Annie. What is the point of that? not impressed! The result is that this blog is comical to read as it’s so biased. It sucks but Good luck!

  • Derrick

    I’m studying your work in tafe and WOW! I LOVE YOUR WORK !

    love me

  • Selena

    Though an exceptional artist of our century, Ms. Leibovitz should have taken care of her financial responsibilities. Twenty-four million in debt… who is going to pay the bill? Us, poor middle class citizens?

  • Lennar

    She is even better than Madoff. They are all great artists of using other people money for their own gratification.

  • airma

    meh…. get out of debt, sugar. good photos though.

  • FF

    Great work. But, why did she make Arnold and Franko look like gay lovers??? No, really.


  • mark rats

    went to london to see the pics a long time ago never get tired of them hope Ms leibovitz keeps taking pics


    annie leibovitz. you are perfec persson. amazing photographer. my dreame is to become photographer like you.i wish my dreams come true.

  • Bruce F

    ANNIE; Thanks 4 your works-enjoyed them,made life so much better!!! THANX!!! Bruce F From Waterbury,Ct P.S. Hope Some Day I’ll See Photos Of FULTON PARK??? bf 5

  • Carol

    Most of these pictures are quite eye catching. I guess the best part of the deal is having access to the celebrities. You inspire me to get to that height in my work.

  • K.Satchidanandan

    Rare photos in every sense.

  • Emma

    I think i’ve just cried for the photo with john lennon and yoko ono… Ann is the beest with showing emotions. The word ”best” isn’t even a great word enough tho describe her work… it’s beyond amazing.

  • aliah

    she takes some weird photos

  • Daniel

    These are marvelous photos. What is the photo-date for the Yoko Ono tree image? Thank you.

  • Roberto M Cibrian

    These are the best pictures I’ve ever seen, Terrific!!!

  • lucy smith

    hi. im in my photo class and we just watched your movie and it was very inperational!

  • abhijeet

    hi just look at your pics … fabulous i would like to learn from you ! Hope to see this happening !

  • Captain Morgan

    I love the pictures
    arnold looks like a BEAST!!!!!!!

  • ty

    Oms i really love your artwork.Im only 15 and most 15 yera old girlz wont be interested in this stuff..you da best

  • susu

    i just did a big paper on annie wow amazing work of art



  • pawel

    Feb. 8th, 2010
    Again great, great work !

  • Gustavo

    Hi Annie I am a Mexican student you admires and I would like to know how I get the images you did for Mexico 86 receives my admiration and respect

  • Christine.mercy

    they are very good and i wish that i could be able to do that..

  • serena jones

    wow these are so good… its incredable

  • Jody Shepard

    Ms. Leibovitz,

    We’ll see you here in Santa Fe, March 6th.
    We can hardly wait.
    Drink lots of water while you are here.

  • The inspiration

    You are a very talented human being, To take something like this and put it to very good use, your the change of this generation, Keep the movement strong!! Peace!

  • Sune Welman

    You are a talented and inspiring woman, fantastic photos.

  • todd schilkie

    very inspirational…my favourite photo of all is of John & Yoko would it be possible to somehow buy or order that copy rolling stone

  • Mari

    These are beautiful photographs. However, the one of Arnold frightens me when I think that he is our governer…

  • Rajeev

    very nice shoots. My favourite would be the Sting one. It’s the cream of originality.

  • StupidSpatula

    Great Photographers never die, there is no exeption for the greatest.

  • john grinston

    Today I watched a documentary about your life and work. Joyous invention gave way to moments of piercing grief. Tears came to me , watching – and remembering afterwards .
    Thank you.

  • Mathew

    annie you are my idol your photos is amazing at all……………………..i know that wont benever as good as you but i hope.

  • Tamara

    Years ago I drove from L.A. to Phoenix just to see an exhibit of her work. Her photos touch my soul.

  • Jess

    Awesome photos, you inspire me so much. I love photography.

  • jenny

    i love ur work…i think its very inspiring and i wish i had that kind of talent…but im pretty sure i will get there someday…..love all ur pictures..keep doing wat ur doin.

  • Zoe

    Annie. I am in a photography class at school and we are focusing on you. After looking through all of your photo’s i feel very inspired and think you have done a fantastic job throughout your life. Hope you are doing well and i am amazed of how good your photo’s are and how you have put them together.

  • hentus


    I’ve seen a cover at the video shop- took the movie, and I was stunned… I don’t think that all that your work evokes in me can be explained by me. :) I’m simply lost for expression and can’t find expression from the depths that your work takes me to.

    I’m in designing- I really appreciate the creative world and your work just shuts my mouth, thouches my heart and even brings tears to my eyes. I think the honesty, contrasts and even rebellious explicity of “this is how it is” is what draws me. It simply is beyond “pure”.

    I hope this expresses some of my feelings towards your talent. I’ve said on facebook: “”IF THERE EVER WERE TALENT ON THIS EARTH THEN IT IS ANNIE LEIBOVITZ”"


    thank you so much for sharing it with the world! – with me

    I hope to see as much of it as possible – a book of your work is on my next “MUST-HAVE” list.


  • Kathie

    Just wanted to get a starting idea about your work.


    Dear Sir, I would like to know the e-mail of Annie Leibovitz, beacause I am an Italian photographer and I did, long times ago, a nice portrai of here and I woul like to send her portrait. Please, can you give this inofrmation? Thank you very much. Best wishes. Graziano Villa


  • caitie

    the photograph of john and yoko . . is simply beautiful .

  • Barnet

    Are the pictures art?

  • Meghan

    Oh my goodness, I am only in the 10th grade and in my second year of photography classes, and I am so amazed by her work. I could only dream of the accomplishments she has made. It actually brought tears to my eyes today, realizing of what I could do, what I could become. All with the help of my camera and photo teacher. I also dream of attending The Academy Of Art University in San Francisco and major in photography as well. Please, if someone could help, I would love to contact Mrs. Leibovitz. She is so amazing and astounding and it would mean the world to me if I could learn how she does it. For I am starting to question if I am really as good as I think, or just average. And being just average will get me nowhere. Oh my, her work is so amazing, I cannot even describe it. Wow. She always out does herself and is always at the top of her game. She is my inspiration right now and I could only dream of anything close to what she has done.

  • Liz

    I absolutely adore the one of Mikhail Baryshnikov – shows the grace yet masculinity of dance. and the one of Susan Sontag is just stunning. Black and White was definitely the way to go. Absolutely amazing.

  • Angeline

    Meghan, i know what you mean. She’s so amazing, if only we could contact her..

  • Christina

    i had to do a bio powerpoint about you. I was looking through some of your work. I abosolutely love your work!
    I had no idea you were in the military! I wish i could meet you one day. Your pictures are amazing!
    The ones that you had took of Miley Cyrus, there gorgeous! Not just because they’re of her, but the one with her and her father. That picture is beautiful!
    Didn’t know you did Disney characters as well. The way you made The Little Mermaid look. It was remarkable! (She’s also my favorite Princess!)

    All i gotta say, KEEP THEM COMING! :)

  • Kagiso Hlangwane

    At its Best……………………………………………….

  • emily

    Your portraits are so amazing your my inspiration my role model i would love to be as good as you are one day… i love your work

  • daniel cherry

    I want your job

  • Annie

    I didn’t know one could be this inspired in one sitting :) Your art (because work isn’t what this is) captures so many emotions and interactions in a single photograph, I hope that one day I will be able to do the same :D I’m torn between drawing and photography at the moment, but then again what’s wrong with both? Thank you for taking such amazing and awe inspiring shots for the world to see :)
    Annie M 14 Sechelt BC

  • Sten Hougaard

    I was very glad and inspired looking at these photoes, after having seen “Life through a lens” :-)
    Telling someones life story is always inspiring, the story of Annie Leibovitz is one – perhaps not the average life story though :-)


  • Samantha Valdez

    Annie i am in high school and my beginning photography class watched your movie LIFE THRUE A LENS and i was inspired by you work. Since i was in the 6th grade i wanted to a photographer and you made my motivation to become a photographer even bigger!! i love your pictures they are beautiful and inspirational. thank you for showing me that you can start with little and work your way up!

  • Steve Kyd

    I am looking forward to seeing your exhibition in Sydney this week.

    You are truly inspiring with your composition and use of light and subject.
    I am really looking forward to seeing much more of your work.

    All the best

    Steve Kyd

  • Natasha

    This is amazing!

  • maddii

    you are an amazing photographer you absolutly inspire me :) i am so doin you for my assingment :)

  • CJ Obrien

    Annie, you are amazing! You are the reason why I got into photography. Still to this day when I look at your photos I can’t help but be wow’d by them. I hope to have 10% of your skill someday. You are so inspiring!!!

    I loved Annie’s book ‘At Work’ that she tied first place with Patrick Ecclesine’s ‘Faces of Sunset Boulevard” for the SCIBA Award. Patrick Ecclesine and Annie Leibovitz win. She gave so much insight into her life. She is such a great photographer. Does anyone know what Anne’s official website is? I can’t find one and I’m looking all over for one.

  • grace lace

    I liked your exposition in Hermitage. It was so so charming and moving. There was a picture there in which there was a couple sleeping together. The man was in between her legs. This is just like a poem. I want to have this photo to have a look every night before sleeping like a prayer.

  • Chika

    Just watched the documentary Life through the lens and am moved to want to be like this great woman, being a photographer is amazing, thanks Annie fro the inspiration

  • mike athens greece

    you are the goddess of photography.

  • Aly

    Dear Annie ,
    I’m a 9th grader and I wanna be a photographer when I’m older. what advice do you have for me ?



    Como dice la campaña de SEAN CONNERY para LOUIS VUITTON en esapañol:”Algunos viajes se convierten en leyendas”YOU ANNIE ARE A ……….LEGEND!!!


  • Hank Torgrimson

    Dear Annie, You’re on Letterman tonight so congrats on all your success. I managed to hang on to the shot you took of Jann and me working on the accounts of Rolling Stone way back around 1971. Thanks again!

  • san diego

    Way back to August 22nd, the black & white photo by CoreyI love the shallow depth of field! Experimenting with a truly old camera that day, or what? Cool shot just for the intrigue of it, but it’s historic, too.

  • Tami Loomis

    Through your photos and your documentary Life Through A Lens reminded me how life in the human is simply beautiful as are you. Thank you Annie, I look forward to researching more af your art .As I just learned of you this evening watching TV. What a blessing :)

  • Mike Barry

    Wonderful work, I watched the documentary on tv and saw annie using a canon g11,what a talent. a great photographer proves that to a great extent it is the ability to see the photograph that counts and all the bells and buttons are useless. Wonderful work…Mike B

  • Veronica

    Dear Annie,
    I would like to have your view of how photography reproduced so much. I would like to get a hold of you for your view. It’s for a project.

  • Philippa

    As a teenager, you have greatly inspired me to pursue with photography. I hope that one day i will be able to accomplish as much as you did in your amazing years of photography.
    Deeply Inspired.

  • http://500px.com/mattsandy Matt_MN

    Photography is a good hobby.

  • Laszlo

    I want to see these photos on my wall! Where can I get them from ? ( I mean poster size)

  • Theodora


  • Steven

    She is not a great photographer – she is a great storyteller. Which is what makes her a great photographer.

  • Theree Haworth

    Annie, I saw your show in Seattle and was blown away. My boyfirend and I spent the morning before a flight home viewing your images and listening to the tapes. We STILL talk about your images. As a photo teacher I never miss a chance to exopose my students to your work. Most of them are too young to understand what rolling stone magazine was so it becomes a history lesson too. They always come back full of inspiration and excitement. What else is there for a teacher to do. Thank you for helping me do that.

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