August 23rd, 2006
Arthur Miller
Sen. Joseph McCarthy

Throughout the 1940s and 1950s America was overwhelmed with concerns about the threat of communism growing in Eastern Europe and China. Capitalizing on those concerns, a young Senator named Joseph McCarthy made a public accusation that more than two hundred “card-carrying” communists had infiltrated the United States government. Though eventually his accusations were proven to be untrue, and he was censured by the Senate for unbecoming conduct, his zealous campaigning ushered in one of the most repressive times in 20th-century American politics.

While the House Un-American Activities Committee had been formed in 1938 as an anti-Communist organ, McCarthy’s accusations heightened the political tensions of the times. Known as McCarthyism, the paranoid hunt for infiltrators was notoriously difficult on writers and entertainers, many of whom were labeled communist sympathizers and were unable to continue working. Some had their passports taken away, while others were jailed for refusing to give the names of other communists. The trials, which were well publicized, could often destroy a career with a single unsubstantiated accusation. Among those well-known artists accused of communist sympathies or called before the committee were Dashiell Hammett, Waldo Salt, Lillian Hellman, Lena Horne, Paul Robeson, Elia Kazan, Arthur Miller, Aaron Copland, Leonard Bernstein, Charlie Chaplin and Group Theatre members Clifford Odets, Elia Kazan, and Stella Adler. In all, three hundred and twenty artists were blacklisted, and for many of them this meant the end of exceptional and promising careers.

During this time there were few in the press willing to stand up against McCarthy and the anti-Communist machine. Among those few were comedian Mort Sahl, and journalist Edward R. Murrow, whose strong criticisms of McCarthy are often cited as playing an important role in his eventual removal from power. By 1954, the fervor had died down and many actors and writers were able to return to work. Though relatively short, these proceedings remain one of the most shameful moments in modern U.S. history.

  • Brenda Boulanger

    Wow! This shows that an accusation weather true or false can negatively impact many innocent peoples lives.

  • CJ

    I think what he did was stupid…and wrong…Joseph McCathy had no right to do that to so many people.All he wanted was power and fame. Well he got by ruining many Americans lifes

  • stef

    who know’s any information that will help me with a question for my essay, Arthur Miller’s involvements with McCarthyism.

  • Matthew

    Arther Miller’s involvement with McCarthyism is through his playwright, The Crucible, about the Salem Witch Trials, where numerous girls made radical accusations of witchcraft throughout the village of Salem. You can see the resemblance of the story and McCarthyism.

  • anaise

    I am so glad that I did not live in the era of communism. I think that the wrong people had to much power and could not handle all of it at once.

  • haley

    the way that McCarthey presented this was wrong. he was indeed onlydoing it 4 his own interests, but @ the same time people could fight and say that he was helping the nation get rid of Communists in our country.

  • Samantha

    I need help where can i find valuable information on McCarthyism. I have a term paper on it, and i need fast inforamtion. HELP!!!

  • Jim

    Wow people, grow the up, if you don’t like history…get over it. Arthur Miller is a good writer that diserves respect. Anyways the McCarthyism scare is a showing of America’s fear of communists.

  • Moser

    It’s a good thing some one did it, without him the red star would be flyin over america.

  • Jess

    McCarthyism seems like old, dead guy stuff, but in actuality it has roots in current events. How many peoples’ lives have been ruined on campuses all over this country, and the world by idle gossip by naive or insecure people? One word about someone else on MySpace or FaceBook, and it becomes history, reality, and fact. Is that right? How many teenage suicides do we need before we realize that words are important tools, and we need to be responsible with them?

  • Malremore

    I am surprised so many people are posting comments it seems rather pointless. do all of us really have such boring, pitiful lives that we would actually leave a comment just to be heard??

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  • Laney

    I Love This Movie…Its Great:)

  • N-Dizzle

    i love arthur miller.

  • Cesar

    Dang i have to do a project on this and i dont know a ting about it

  • Justin Holcomb

    McCarthy was the Abigail Willimas of the 20th Century. For those who don’t know, Abigail Willimas was the girl who started the Salam Witch trials in the early 1600s. Many people’s lives were destroyed due to the false accusations.

  • joe

    i like history

  • Brittney

    What does Joseph McCarthy have to do with the Red Scare in the 1950s?

  • Reena

    History is a very intellectual subject, it’s great to learn about everything that lead up to this period of time we luve:)

  • Sociologist

    Oh poor America!.. Always trying to establish some sort of democracy and always failing… I’m wondering why.. Fascist – like McCarthy, corporate, and religious skeletons always turn the dream to nightmare… By the way, McCarthyism is not the past, it is the fast coming future of US society.. Just look around you and connect the dots.

  • Keighla Bloschock

    wow, McCarthism is awesome, but sad. And it lies right in the story the crucible by Author miller! everyone and anyone read that play write it is amazing!

  • Cece

    Okay can anyone help me with my research paper…i need to know what McCarthyism was and how it is realited to the Salem Witch Trials…please anyone?

  • Chelsea Hernandez

    I agree with the guy that said this relates to The Crucible. Good work.

  • David

    Cece, McCarthyism is a term coined by an editorialist at the New York Times back in the 50’s. The jist of the matter is that McCarthy, a US Senator, made a claim that there were several communists in high ranking positions within the US government. Some claim he said 200, others say he said 50 or so. In any case, McCarthy was right. There WERE many communists or communist sympathizers working in our government. Some were very high level. Post cold war access to Soviet intelligence documents, as well as the revelation of the Venona Project, prove that McCarthy was correct in many cases. Unfortunately, McCarthy lacked any of this proof so many viewed his allegations as heavy handed and unsubstantiated. They alleged he was on a “witch hunt” which leads to the comparison with the Salem witch trials.

  • Scott

    This was Nixon and McCarthy’s finest hour and America’s worst. This ruined many good people’s lives for 10-20 years just due to a few words from a junior senator from Wisconsin. He was so feared, that many turned their backs on their friends. Back then, being in the communist party was a sign of being independant – non-conformist. McCarthy took this as a sign of supporting the Russians!!! Some of the allegations were verbals against a person 5-10 years earlier !! The bottom line is that this was a step toward fascism with the intent of ENDING fascism. Wow, trying to rid the good old USA of Communists was one the WORST attack on freedom in our countries history !!!! So sad…. Hopefully not repeated.

  • Ashley

    I believe this website is very useful. I learned alot of things about McCarthyism MCCARTHY SUCKS FOR SCARING PPL BECAUSE FAKE COMMIES IN GOVERNMENT.

  • Todd

    I am hearing uninformed and ignorant people making claims that Obama is a socialist. I dare say those accusing him do not know what socialism is at all; they are simply spewing out of their mouths the garbage being fed them by those within the Republican party who would have their own extremist views supporting the establishment of a fundamentalist-church-governed-nation where fear rules through manipulation and guns, where certain freedoms that conflict with their views are banned and burned, and where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer while the middle-class disappears into history!

    Accusing Obama of socialism is the same tactic used by the right in the 40’s & 50’s called McCarthyism, where “…a young Senator named Joseph McCarthy made a public accusation that more than two hundred “card-carrying” communists had infiltrated the United States government. Though eventually his accusations were proven to be untrue, and he was censured by the Senate for unbecoming conduct, his zealous campaigning ushered in one of the most repressive times in 20th-century American politics.” –

    Do we want a person in the White House that got there through extremist fear tactics that will eventually be proven to be untrue, and whose conduct will be found unbecoming after the damage has been done to our country? I SAY NO!!!! This is what McCain’s campaign is doing!

  • mallie

    he was a man who caused a lot of pain and heartbreak!!!!!!!!

  • James

    Most (if not all) of you who have posted comments here have not contributed anything to people who are actually using this sight as a learning tool. So please, keep your juvenile and needless comments to yourself.

  • Jonathan

    wow this is so controversy how 1 man can change the world

  • nicole

    this research will not help me at all… :((

    but it shows how paranoid and fragile society is.

  • jacob

    this is history and im haveing to look this up for english, hmmm this website didnt give the info i needed but some good facts are in it

  • Chrissy Betty

    I thought this was for talking about history?

  • Jake

    I looked on this site to find out who the two people were that were executed because of this.

  • Anonymous

    man, who would have thought that ONE man can “doom” a society’s way of living. Horrible just horrible, this reminds me of the Crucible.

  • jordan

    I am Australian and it amazes me how ignorant Americans are, and how ridiculously dogmatic your ill informed views are. McCarthy was a scared, cowardly man who used the fear of the unknown to gain power, and you Americans must be so proud that you allowed that to happen. Communism is not evil, Stalin was evil but democracy has had evil leaders and that does not make the entire system evil, after all Richard Nixon and the maniac Bush’s both ascended to power through democracy. Communism is a wonderful ideology and in Vietnam the people enjoy a wonderful country which is largely due to the benefits of communism, i hope none of your family died fighting in Vietnam because they were essentially committing an act of evil by trying to overhthrow a government who was manily concerned with rasing the living standards of the disenfranchised working class. Please America understand you power and try not be so ignorant.

  • paula

    a return to mccarthyism is what would happen if sarah palin was in power. she would call anyone who disagrees or says anything against her not pro american and try to have them arrested or whatever she could do to them to exact her revenge. she has done this many , many times in alaska and people there are literally scared to death to say anything against her. this is also bush all over again. he has almost destroyed our country. don’t forget to vote!!

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  • Physco-Scott

    McCarthyism during the 1940s-1950s was a horrible day in age to live in. I am SO glad I live in the new milliunium, not the McCarthyism ERA

  • Connor Mcclymont

    I think fascism is the better type of government, if the US was a fascist state this never would have happened.

  • Missy

    McCarthyism relates to the Crucible because they both are centered around the fact that a person/s tried to manipulate peoples minds for their own good. One is based on communism and the other on Witchcraft. But not entirely because they only reason Abigail (Crucible)started the whole story was because she was having an affair with a man she couldn’t have. Therefore she decided to drink chicken blood in hopes to kill Proctors wife. So in all likeness these two characters are more inhuman and “witch-like” than any poor soul that got in their way. Hopes this helps the people who wanted a little info at the comparisons. Also if your looking on here for info about the comparison, pick up the book and read it! It’s short and by the comments left on here it seems like I am living in a scary country that has the ability to be intelligent but decides not to for lack of motivation or desire.

  • try

    why or what was joseph mcCarthy’s purpose of exclaiming the infiltration of communists in the united states

  • jett

    Beware…..Bill O’reilly is the Joe McCarthy of this century

  • Kas

    look at comment #43, she (Malremore) is hypocritical. And why do so many people take this is an irrelevant piece of our history? Most of those people were innocent and there were too few people compared to the rest of america for them to overthrow our government (we kick ass, they can’t touch this!)

  • AmandaAndJeremy

    I think that he was very worng and I am working on him in my english class and I find him to be very rude. Because you should not say anything if its not ture because than you end up looking stupid in the long run so just tell the truth.

    Love me lol

  • anatoly leventon

    read 2 books: 1.”Blacklisted by History(the untold story of senator McCarthy and his fight against America’s enemies)By Stanton Evans{2007} 2.The VENONA Secrets(Exposing soviet espionage and Americas Traitors}”

  • azalia

    ahh personally i didn’t know he exsisted.. but i have to write an infomative essay over this. soo. peace out!

  • Pwnness

    I think people should start posting constructive comments, not personal ones. Some people, like me, might be working on a history project and need help or would like to discuss the topic.



  • Cody

    McCarthy had somewhat of good intentions but he got carried away and became drunk with power. The is every likelyhood that this may happen again. McCarthyism was a form of a repeat of the Salem witch trials. It is up to our generation to be different and prevent this from occuring.

  • a word 2 the wise

    here everyone is in conflict over this stupid thing how cares wut happened 50 years ago thats way b4 my life time so i dont care and the crucible wuz a good book no matter wut other people say and im also do some school thing and its pritty early so im might spell some thing wronge wut im thinking just fine so everyone should get over there differences but people where scared about getting in trouble about this McCarthy thing and people would b out of work and all that other stuff and people need 2 make a living how care about stuff that happend 50 years ago neways i dont and u shouldent ethir

  • douxgirly

    This was a very useful site when it came to considering the connection between the communism scare and the Salem Which Trail. I had to read the crucible for my Honors segment in English class. I thought it was nice that not all people in here left totally random comments, but actually added their opinion in a clear and correct way that helped add to the meaning of the web site….to the rest of you, your comments are funny, but if you want to be random and immature why don’t you find another place to post them? a place where people go looking for that kind of stuff.

  • Sara

    I think that this was a wonderful site to come for information, and it helped me a lot with the honors segment in my English. I want to thank all of the people who posted comments that actually provided their opinion, information, and tips for others, in a way that this blog was intended for….as for the rest of you, I did think that your comments where funny. But if you want to post something totally random and weird you should do it on another site where people go looking for that kind of stuff.

    This is one of the top sites that are useful for providing information to show you how the Communism scare could be compared with the Salem Which trial.

  • Jazz

    It’s amazing how history repeats itself…didn’t this already happen in 1692(Salem Witch Trials??)
    why can’t we learn?

  • Donna Camby

    McCarthyism is evidence that words are indeed power! To think that people’s lives could be so upset and destroyed because of the ideas and accusatory words of such a few people is scarey! I hope this never happens again in the history of the greatest nation on earth. Even so, we have much to be ashamed of(i.e. the era of McCarthyism).

  • James UK

    My knowledge of the cold war is poor and so I wondered whether anyone knew wether the KGB had a training facility in Novgorod pls if u know anything pls post this Knowledge

    for those of you posting constructive comments discussing THE TOPIC thank you very much. I am working on an English project, and I could use all the help I can get. For those of you who are being random and immature, there is a time and a place, I’d say this is neither. Thanks so much!

  • ali knows it all! and then some

    So did macarthy havethe right to piont out communist with out knowing the fact if many people wereor not. i mean shouldnt he have done alittle home work before he actualy pionted out people. but im with him on getting them out of america

  • Sam

    Does anybody know the causes of McCarthyism or the emotions felt by the accused…. I really need it.

  • Lauraa

    Im doing coursework on the crucible; Arthur Miller. Most of the comments are STUPIDD but funny. Lmaoo. can someone jus explain what mccarthyism is and what it has to do with the crucible; because im really really confused. i really need and A* here so can someone help me Thankss. Love to whoever helps mee. xxx :)

  • Lauraa(:

    Im doing coursework for english atm; and i could do with mccartyism being explained to me by someone who knows properly. and how it all relates to the crucible? i really need an A*; someone help me please. while i find most comments STUPIDD. i do find them funny but i need someone serious to answer me pleasee. thnkss. love whoever tells me :) xxx

  • hil

    This article is factually incorrect. First of all, McCarthy had absolutely nothing to do with HUAC since he was a senator. Secondly, McCarthy repeatedly stated that he had said 57, and not 205 names, and an investigation into the matter later concluded so also. McCarthy also strongly resisted naming names, but Congress demanded that he do so, notably Senator Scott Lucas. Furthermore, there were quite a few indentified Communist party members working in the State department, as the declassification of the Verona cables proved.

  • mitch steele

    thanks i used this as a source for my english proj.

  • KarennnnnnSevvvv.

    welllll i love arthur miller he is an amazing play writer and McCarthy was a stupid, paranoid man who blamed innocent people for being a communist. and this stuff is actually REALLY interesting…when you get a good article and you realize how no matter how much time goes by the public gets hysteric and paranoid when something frighting happens such as communists, witchcraft (arthur miller. read his play), and terrorists – anti terrorist act and the patriot act. very nice. waawaaweewaaaaa

  • bob123456789ten

    I used some of this to compare communism to the salem witch trials for a project. Seems like both started with downright lies. History DOES repeat itself!

  • mike zanzibar

    im doing an essay for english on the salem witch hunts and mcarthyism you guys have any advice?

  • Nick

    McCarthy was a genius. His accusations, although radical, did have much truth behind them. The presence of communist influence on the new deal democrats is undeniable. Had it not been for McCarthy men like Alger Hiss and Julius Rosenberg would never have been convicted.

  • Bobbylu


  • la la laaa

    this whole thing is really funny.
    most of these people like to write about turtles and squaredancing more history.. even though this is a history website on a very controversial event.

    oh well.
    i enjoyed reading the comments =)

  • Esther

    who wrote this? and when was it created?

  • Chelsey

    I think that you all just need to stop. None of know what the times were like then. None of us know were to even begin to think. So to sit here and try to judge people not of our time is wrong.

  • pedro

    Thanks for the help on my term paper

  • Hannah Marshall

    mmmmm history

  • K3vin is the cool

    this is wack why would they even think of doin this back then n how did it start

  • jordan

    this is well interesting and im not into all this history but it is pretty interesting, some of this is going to my essay !

  • Walrusman007

    great topic

  • lee

    god i need help on an essay!!!!!!!

  • cliff

    Please do not use this site for research read the book blacklisted by history by M. Stanton Evans
    Everything you have been told about Joe McCarthy is a lie.

  • Jennifer

    Just to let you all know, this was one of the most famous movements in all of american history and it has deep roots in your lives today. Communism is just not the way to go peeps.

  • hannah montana

    I love Hannah Montana

  • Chance

    im doing a project for my american lit class and i have the question [What group of people was involved in McCarthyism?] i need answers lol

  • Lacaro

    ok aight dis site is ok…i needed it for my HW…but anyways….

  • Ellen

    Actually, many of the people Joe McCarthy accused where communists. This is proven in the Verona files, that we found when the soviet union fell. Many people in the American government at the time were really were communist spies.

  • Schlizzle

    Ellen you are way wrong, the people McCarthy accused of being communist were just political opponents, he used the Cold War to his advantage and scared America into believing the government was filled with communists.

  • Saruhhhh

    hahaha I LOVE all these comments. yall are some crazy people. im doing a project for my english class and its gonna suck. I plan on doing it the night before, and need someone to do it for me? any takers?? :]

  • Kathy

    can someone tell me importan dates

  • Galen Schneider

    Pretty nice… Hope you can write more, so I can read more!

  • Sean Myers

    this could really help with my research papaer thanks alot

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  • Therapist Joe

    lol you guys saying america sucks are funny, cuz you live here, and if it’s that bad then why dont you leave?

  • tv shows

    I really liked your blog! Thank you, I would come back to read some more

  • edward

    brian go do your essay your wasting your time your retarded

  • Nikka-joe-hans

    I think mccarthy is a pretty cool guy, he falsly accuses people and doesn’t afraid of anything

  • jose

    who created the blacklist?

  • Samantha J.White

    Cool post, i have subscribed to your blog.Please keep it up, Samantha

  • Jack W

    I the person who invented the Hollywood Black list was Joseph McCarthy silly

  • Jesus Arreola

    Hello ppl umm im writing a paper on McCarthyism and i need to relat it to The Crucible… Can some help me.. My topic is on Fear of Communism.. Thanx…

  • ben cotten

    Can you provide more information on this?



  • student

    how does this help for what is mccarthyisum????

  • Billie Warner

    This was really useful information. Studying The Crucible in English at the moment, so this will be used as my context.

  • riley

    i found what i was looking for at this website

  • ABC

    This thing abt Mcarthysm is reflected also in Miller’s play ‘A view from the bridge’. It deals with the idea of betrayal (like that Joseph guy snitched on the communist and stuff). A character informs the American immigration about Italian illegal immigrants in the community

  • comment 169

    Comment 169 your correct on the idea of communism that is an awesome idea. BUT we went to the vietnam war because we dont want war. So we used war to prevent war. Honestly the veitnam war was pointless everyone knows that but stfu your austrailian who cares what you have to say you live on an island…

  • chuck

    this is amazing i love it with all my heart and soul.
    and most you people need to learn how to spell.

  • brendio

    this is good info

  • kp

    he did this because alot of people were scared that a new form of goverment would take over the u.s

  • ihatehim

    He had no right to do what he did i did a biography of him for school and he is a idiotic man and people in america too, it reminded me of salem witch trials i mean was it actually LAND OF THE FREE? when they did this they took the right away and the salem witch trials was the same excat thing what an idiot except they didnt hang people they jjust shot them big difference NOT people still died

  • sorakazami

    i think that McCarthy is one of the biggest idiots in modern American history but that’s just my opinion.

  • sorakazami

    a lot of people see parallels between McCarthyism, the Salem witch hunts and trials, and post 9/11 attitudes

  • angelica

    hmmm… so when r we going to get a mexican president ??????

  • k time

    and win he did do the black list it med a lot thangs change for the united states

  • caitlin forsyth

    hey…does anyone know how i can cite this source??


  • Brittney

    i kinda like the study of McCarthyism but at the same time….. i hate it!!!! :) yay

  • valic

    McCarthyism was one of the scariest times in America. People were very afraid of getting “labeled” a communist. This just shows what fear can do to a nation when left uncontrolled. Thank god for Edward Murrow, who knows what the world would be like now!

  • Sally Counsel

    Actually, Sen McCarthy’s claims have now be proven correct through the Venona papers. Please update this information.

  • Bernard M. Russelman

    If you read 80% of the brainfarts on this site that are passed off as “thoughts” from a bunch of dumbed-down, ignorant, dolts “educated” by a Marxist-dominated, GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED “public education system (Public Education – right out of “The Communist Manifesto”), you will see very clearly that Senator Joe McCarthy was correct. The Marxists are winning and this country is weakened by its citizens that are stoned, drunk, immoral, and it’s families have been ravaged by these social ills (”Abolition of the family – right out of “The Communist Manifesto”). Joe McCarthy was the son of a working man, the “Proletariat”, and fought against the blue bloods who are destroying the United States. This is the real “dialectic” that proves that what Communism preaches is 180 degrees from reality… It is usually the ELITES that want totalitarian control via Communism, not the Proletariat (the working man)…

    Two words: Venona Papers

    and if you still don’t get it, read “Blacklisted by History” by M. Stanton Evans.

  • Bernard M. Russelman

    On the “Tags” listed above, the liberals on this site use HUAC as a way to describe Joe McCarthy. Joe McCarthy was a United States SENATOR. HUAC is an acronym that means House on Un-American Activities Committee. This is TYPICAL liberal, morsel of fact in the story, falsehood. The SENATOR would not have anything to do with the HOUSE of Representatives committee.

  • Chelsea

    McCarthyism is often said to parallel the Salem Witch Trials of 1692.

  • Richard Conant

    as prior posters have noted, Venona Transcripts of Russian WWII diplomatic code have now verified all of McCarthy’s accusations regarding US Government employees spying for the Soviet Union during WWII. This will sound incredulous, but McCarthy has been proven correct. But Bill Moyers will never believe it.

  • micheal Khuiness

    I found your blog on google and read this great post. I just added this site to my Google News Reader. I Look forward to reading more here in the future.

  • Clare

    i like history, too.

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    Can you provide more information on this? I’ve been looking
    for this kind of information. You seem to know
    what you’re talking about.

  • Mark Goeer-Tarant

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I find your Blog very informative just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to visiting your site more often in the future.

  • Forex guy

    That’s quite interesting, thanks for sharing.

  • Martin

    Wow! what a devious way to conceal your disdain for those willing to speak their minds…. and exercise racism without it being seen as just that.

  • Chris Langdon

    You people are being brainwashed. If you want the truth about “McCarthyism”
    you might read “The Venona Secrets” by Romerstein and Breindel, “McCarthy and His Enemie’ by Buckley and Bozell. The truth is there were hundreds of Communists in the American government in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Of course, if you put the truth in a term paper, your teacher will probably flunk you.

  • Raheem

    McCarthyism isn’t as big of a deal as people think. The play by Authur Miller just made it seem that way. Truth is it was one idiot who decided to randomly accuse political officials of communism to advance his own career as a politican. It back fired on him eventually. Just like the first Red Scare this just helped prompt the second one. In fact everyone during the Cold War was an idiot. Just go to google and look up “Duck and Cover” you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  • Jesse Balogh

    I loved “The Crucible” I liked how Arthor Miller tied the Witch Trials and McCarthyism together that makes it so much more interesting.

  • Razors_Edge

    Even though he used wrong tactics and no proof, he was right! Just look at the current administration littered with Communists and tell me there aren’t any communists in our government! A self avowed Communist just resigned from his “Czar” position. One wonders how many others are there?

  • Hugh Jass

    i think this stuff is very c00l, and i like to read about this dude cause i think he is smart and affected the world, and i wanna know what the “red scare” is, thanks guys.

  • gigi

    i think its funny how McCarthy and Communists BOTH seem to hate expression and were all for censorship, i mean chairman mao of communist china did the same thing, suppressing the writings of intellects of his time, calling them capitolist, he certainly censored more violently than McCarthy, (tiannamen square massacre and the Red Guard- a country spread gang of young boys who were famous for their violence and vandalism the most famous incident being “The Rape of Nanjing” who were in fact “unofficially” approved by Chairman Mao as an attempt to squash out anything that might show someone that might think different him, that people were able to think differently than him. But, McCarthy censored things as well, he is supposedly against communism and for american capitolism, but then “to wipe out communism” he calls all the people against him communists, because he knew it would scare people and make them act hastily without looking for all the facts, he was smart in that aspect. Arthur Miller was obviously not communist because if he were he would believe that everyone should think the same about everything, which he didnt, as shown in the crucible. socialism, marxism, and communism all sound very good in theory, but in the end they dont work very well bc it gives to much power to a select group of people or person. It gives all the power to the govt. McCarthy took advantage of the people’s fear and blatanly slandered authors, that disagreed with him with no proof that they were communist just for his own political gain. He was just a dishonest person. Personally, I think making everyone equal in every aspect is a mistake, because some people work harder than others and some people cant do some things like other people can and it makes it hard for the good changes in life to come about. The great thing about america is that we can say what we want and do what we want, and if u think that things should be otherwise, well u are free to move somewhere where they think and do things how u want. People should be able to have an opinion and others should respect it…even if its ignorant or foolish bc we are supposed to be free. In America its not against the law to be communist anyway or christian, muslim, jewish, captolist, socialist or whatever u believe in and once u start making peoples beliefs illegal and start slandering peoples voice u set a precedent to take away other things, everyone is not supposed to think the same, thats why we have different brains- they are not all connected together u know, and each of us indvidually, help each other recognize our flaws, and also by others peoples flaws figure out what we think ourselves. Maybe that person who doesnt agree with u isnt wrong, maybe their way of thinking is just wrong for you.

  • gigi

    oh and Mr. Russelmen, id just like to say to u that u have a poor outlook on humanity and in fact u are mistaken in the part where u said that Joe McCarthy couldnt be in the (HUAC) because anyone who took civics as a freshman or knows anything about the Senate, knows that not only does House of Reps have comittees but the “SENATE” does also, u cant expect 200 people to push an agenda at the same time, so all the people who have similar political agendas form committees to make ideas ,to make their ideas pass, House is another name for commitee. And if you had done any research on any infamous communist leaders, Chairman Mao or Joesph Stallin for instance,(two of the most famous communist leaders in history) you would know that they did not come from “ELITES”, they came from working class people, the poorest of the working class people in fact. You think u are very clever with your german words and your “knowledge”. The government does control public school, how else do u expect for everyone to get educated? I hope you would not like to educate them, because u need to get your facts straight. In a communist country, there is no other option for a child but public education, but in the US u may enroll your child in private school if u find the public education system lax, in fact there are tax breaks for people who enroll children in private school if they cannot afford it, the govt gives us plenty of options (for now) on education. Sure Karl Marx may have believed that public education was a good idea and included it in his writings, but that doesnt neccessarily mean he came up with it. If you had read “80%” of the comments u would realize that most of us are on this site doing a high school project for english about the Crucible vs McCarthyism. I think maybe 50% of the comments on here say “i like history” and repeating what the article said trying to sound smart, but self-riteous people like urself only see ur own intelligence and that means everyone else is negligent. Relax, there are some people who have parents who are still happily married, who arent completely ignorant, and they know all about not only their own govt but other govts as well and can find the good/bad in both. Also, note the “corporation” at the copyright at the body and .org for this website, i can bet money that this website is run by right wing republicans NOT left wing democrats/liberals. I almost forgot, senators were not directly voted on by the people until the late 60’s early 70’s, so there is no way that McCarthy came from working class family because up until the point that we voted in senators directly, senators basically bought there way in or were nominated by govt officials who also came from money, this is called patronage. McCarthy was against liberals-democrats-working people who usually come from working class- if he had been running directly for the people he would not have made it to his chair in senate, the writers he put in prison (which btw is unconstitutional no matter if they were communist or otherwise) were not going to vote for him, would not campaign for him, there was no blogs, no internet, no tv commercials, the only way to campaign was through writing, which was why he squashed all opposition in that area bc they were making him look bad. He had to buy his way into office. Communist is not started as a way to make a bunch of people rich, it doesnt start out that way ussually, but it does end that way, an example is again, china, if u research it did not start off as a get rich scheme, it was to make everyone =. It would appeal to the poor people more than it would the rich people because it would mean less work for them and less money for us. It would not appeal to the big corporate business owner because communism puts the govts hand in your pockets and over your deals. Nothing u have said has been correct/or has had factual evidence, so before you start “brainfarting” all over websites with your supposed “knowledge” get the facts

  • James

    People generally think that McCarthy was wrong, well I got news for you all. One of the senators he was accusing turned out to be a communist spy. I wonder how many others were really working for the Russians.

  • jese
  • Dre

    James, one person being a communist dose not justify the other people whos lives he ruined to satisfy himself

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  • james

    whats worse is our country now is turning to socialism

  • meghan

    what was the relationship between Joesph mccarthy and arther miller?

  • timmy

    This guy is unbelievable!

  • juan

    I fwwl aorry for the writers who were being censored

  • Hana

    McCarthy’s ears and eyebrows were seriously freak-ish.

  • kaylea

    arthur miller is a great author, but this is horrible what joseph m. did. the things he did were solely based off suspicion and i bet 90% of the people prosecuted were just americans with objections to his dictations

  • Joe

    What a role model for US society

  • aqua

    there is a strong comparison between mccartyism and the written play the crucbile because both circle around two smiliar aspects, false accusations and fear

  • Keda

    Hey :) I’m in class. This is a GREAT subject for our lit class! Thanks ALOT!!! Yay!

  • Long

    i think that reactions to communism where overdoing it a bit, Che Guevara was killed by cia and bolivian officials because he was communists.
    i think that counts as overreacting
    in my opinion btw, alot of what i read and know is probably bias as it might be with many of the opinions on here


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