February 14th, 2012
Cab Calloway: Sketches
Clip: Chris Calloway Brooks Discuss His Grandfather

Chris Calloway Brooks, musician and current director of the Cab Calloway Orchestra, discusses his grandfather Cab Calloway’s accomplishments and style. Cab Calloway: Sketches premieres nationally Monday, February 27 at 10 p.m. (ET) on PBS (check local listings). In the New York metro-area the film airs Sunday, February 26 at 8 p.m. on THIRTEEN.

  • Virginia Szott

    I love your American Masters series but am just heartbroken when I try to view online past episodes that I have missed, or episodes I want to watch again after seeing them on TV airing dates – when I try to watch them online I get a message telling me that there are no rights for me to view them “in my region”.

    And of course this message appears for other pbs productiions as well

    As a long time supporter of WNED living in the Toronto area, I would hope to this changed to allow me to view all pbs conent online from my location

    Thank you for asking!

    Virginia Szott


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