February 2nd, 2007
Edward R. Murrow
This Reporter

“This . . . is London.” With those trademark words, crackling over the airwaves from a city in the midst of blitzkrieg, Edward R. Murrow began a journalistic career that has had no equal. From the opening days of World War II through his death in 1965, Murrow had an unparalleled influence on broadcast journalism. His voice was universally recognized, and a generation of radio and television newsmen emulated his style. Murrow’s pioneering television documentaries have more than once been credited with changing history, and to this day his name is synonymous with courage and perseverance in the search for truth.

In 1937, Edward R. Murrow was sent by CBS to set up a network of correspondents to report on the gathering storm in Europe. He assembled a group of young reporters whose names soon became household words in wartime America, among whom were William Shirer, Charles Collingwood, Bill Shael, and Howard K. Smith. The group, which came to be known collectively as “Murrow’s Boys,” reported the whole of World War II from the front lines with a courage and loyalty inspired by Murrow’s own fearlessness. During the war Murrow flew in more than twenty bombing missions over Berlin, and along with Bill Shadel was the first Allied correspondent to report the horrors from the Nazi death camps.

Returning to America after the war, Murrow was surprised to find that his overseas reports had made him a star at home. With the advent of television, Murrow was approached to host a weekly program. Along with his associate, Fred Friendly, Murrow had been producing a popular radio show, Hear It Now. The television show was to be called See It Now. Joe Wershba, a reporter who worked closely with Murrow, remembers, “Neither of them knew anything about film making or television. All they knew was they wanted to do stories. Important stories.” Television was in its infancy and Murrow and Friendly had to learn the process of filmmaking and the primitive television equipment on the job.

Murrow’s love of common America led him to seek out stories of ordinary people. He presented their stories in such a way that they often became powerful commentaries on political or social issues. See It Now consistently broke new ground in the burgeoning field of television journalism. In 1953, Murrow made the decision to investigate the case of Milo Radulovich. Radulovich had been discharged from the Air Force on the grounds that his mother and sister were communist sympathizers. The program outlined the elements of the case, casting doubt on the Air Force’s decision, and within a short while, Milo Radulovich had been reinstated. This one edition of See It Now marked a change in the face of American journalism and a new age in American politics.

Soon after the Milo Radulovich program aired, it was learned that Senator Joseph McCarthy was preparing an attack on Murrow. As it happened, Murrow himself had been collecting material about McCarthy and his Senate Investigating Committee for several years, and he began assembling the program. Broadcast on March 9, 1954, the program, composed almost entirely of McCarthy’s own words and pictures, was a damning portrait of a fanatic. McCarthy demanded a chance to respond, but his rebuttal, in which he referred to Murrow as “the leader of the jackal pack,” only sealed his fate. The combination of the program’s timing and its persuasive power broke the Senator’s hold over the nation. The entire fiasco, however, caused a rift with CBS, and they decided to discontinue See It Now.

By 1961 tensions had become irreparable between Murrow and CBS and he accepted an appointment from President Kennedy as the head of the United States Information Agency. He was only to have the job for three years before being diagnosed with lung cancer. In 1964 Murrow was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom and in 1965 died on his farm in New York. Perhaps more than any reporter before or since, Murrow captured the trust and belief of a nation and returned that trust with honesty and courage. His belief in journalism as an active part of the political process and a necessary tool within democracy has forever altered the politics and everyday life of the American people.

  • Eugene

    I just got through seeing the movie “Good Night, and Good Luck” starring David Strathaim of “There Will Be Blood” as Edward Murrow, and, it was a riveting reminder that freedom is a state of mind and consciousness. Senator Joseph McCarthy was the quintessential poster-boy serving as an ignominious historical reminder that we risk losing our freedom by over zealously trying to protect it.

  • Jerrod Mango

    Very Very Cool. I want to see it again and again.

  • patty

    I have always felt a common affinity to Mr. Murrow. Honesty requires courage; what a wonderful world this could be if everyone had that courage. I recently jotted off a bit to our local news station, in order to begin a quest for truth. How I wish Mr. Murrow were here now, to embody that courageousness, to set an example for us all.

  • Eevee

    Murrow’s report from Buchenwald was amazing.

  • rachel flint

    hey i am sorry i didnt realize that you could post a comment well what i said on the feedback thingy is what i am saying now as well except im not saying it?

  • Korosh Kermani

    Mr Murrow interviewed both Albert Einstein and Robert Oppenheimer. Are those interviews available for public ?

  • cassie

    this is a help full site for my research but i need more information about edward r murrow so if anyone knows more about him comment please or up date this website

  • Philip Gray

    Good Night, and Good Luck is an incredible film and Ed Murrow was an incredible man who stood by his convictions. He dared to take on Joseph McCarthy and exposed the Senator as both a bully of the highest order and someone who revelled in his own ego.

  • t duffy

    ed morrow was indeed a crusader for all that was wrong on the mccarthy era and many other issues

  • Corey

    he be a beast and i r lovez him

  • Bob Hale

    I spent a week enjoying Murrow’s company in 1957 in Glacier Park, Montana, where Murrow had come to fish and relax. every afternoon, after his day of trout fishing he came by the Great Northern office (where I was a summer passenger agent) knocked on the door and said, Come on, the bar’s open.” We talked of many things, but mostly of radio and TV because that is where I was headed. He went so far as to suggest I give rock and roll a serious look because, “That’s where it’s all headed in radio.” I took his advice, and eventually landed at a major Chicago rock and roll station. My last visit with Murrow was at the Republican convention that nominated Richard Nixon the first time. Even then it was obvious he was a sick man. He admitted that the “smokes have done me in.” Later, I moved into television in news and interview and magazine formats. There was not a day I did not silently say thanks to Murrow for advice and suggestions, and frequent encouragement via notes and cards. He cannot be equaled in his talents and his creations. He gave the US – no, – the world – THE way to do broadcast news properly and honestly. Toward the end Murrow told me that TV newscasts, “especially the local versions would become circuses, with a lot of talking heads and people making idiots of themselves while broadcasting news. More entertainment than enlightenment,” he said. Oh, how true, how true! I once asked a fellow TV reporter what she thought of Edward R Murrow as a ‘pioneer for all of us.” He answer” “Who?”

    Good Night, and good luck!

    R.S. Hale

  • andrew butler

    Saw the movie “Goodnight and good luck” last night on aussie tv,profoundly moving- felt compelled to find out more about the bloke. Will we ever see journalism of that calibre again? Given the shackles of corporatised media, me thinks not. Good job George.

  • Anthony Hart

    Just finished watching “Good Night & Good Luck”. Absorbing, unmissable.
    A reference was made to an interview with Robert Oppenheimer the atomic bomb scientist, but I cant find the interview anywhere on the web.
    Anyone help? email me <>
    A Hart, Bolton, England

  • T.C. Cox

    Certainly Mr. Murrow was bold, spoke with authority, and with a clear speaking style. I believe America trusted Mr. Murrow because he seemed, himself, to believe his reports were the truth as he knew it.

  • e. montville

    This….is London is NOT correct.
    Murrow’s speech teacher, Ida Lou Anderson came up with the line that made Murrow famous. It is, correctly,
    “THIS is London”

  • Brian

    I was lucky enough to catch this film on British TV recently.

    I had never heard of the man, but what an incredibly wonderful and honest guy he was.

    I found the film rivetting and very educational. I believr George Clooney directed and financed the making of the film and thank goodness he did. Murray made a very profound speach toward the end of his career, in which he clearly understood the power that TV could have in education and bringing communities together. Alas, he also knew that it was very unlikely it would ever be used for such a good purpose!

    He warned that if ever we allowed TV to be financed through advertisers, THEY would eventually dictate the rules of the game and the World would never be the same. How completely true he was and how well he understood ‘the game’ after only a few short years.

    No one has mentioned the sheer brilliance of combining that amazing jazz singer Diana? and the songs which fitted so perfectly with the story and events as they occured. A truly important historical story, wonderfully told.

  • Ashley G

    my TV Productions class had to watch “Good Night and Good Luck” and it was amazing
    now im doing a project on him and im leaning so much about him and i have so much gratatude towards him becuase could you imagin what it would be like if he didnt do “See It Now”?

  • Roberta D’Amico

    I just watched “Good Night and Good Luck”. Too bad we don’t just report the news now in 2010. But that would take courage, truth, and honesty.

  • mckenna sppihc

    is he still alive?

  • arocker

    Senator Joe McCarthy was a hero to many Americans, and a true patriot. The left wing, and Communist sympathizers feared the man who was exposing the hundreds of writers, actors, journalists, and politicians who were following the Communist party line. Mr. Morrow a influential left wing Socialist was in the forefront of the movement determined to stop McCarthy from spreading the truth about their Communist agenda, many anti-American Hollywood insiders found willing accomplices in the budding liberal media. These propaganda -mongers added a new word to the dictionary, defining “McCarthyism” as a senseless political witch hunt. In fact, McCarthy had exposed scores of known communists in the capital without a single known false accusation. Edward R Murrow however was never looking for the truth, he was out to destroy a man who many liberals called a showboat who wanted them prosecuted and jailed as traitors.. The leftist counter-offensive against McCarthy took its toll, and after the the U.S. Senate censured the communist hunter, and the liberal media launched baseless attacks against his character. Following his censure, McCarthy sunk into alcoholism from which he never recovered. McCarthy died of hepatitis at age 49. Hepatitis was the medical reason, but his friends and reporters knew he had drank himself to death. Morrow was no longer welcomed at CBS, and President Paley had the leftwing liberal fired.

  • arocker

    Morrow had a agenda, to destroy Sen. Joe McCarthy , McCarthy was a patriot, but was up against powerful forces that eventually destroyed, a great American, and hero.

  • arocker

    No, he died of lung cancer in 1965

  • Leeds

    Morrow was a great man, but played dirty against McCarthy

  • Moracle S.

    No one seems disturbed, at all, that Murrow seems to have had more of a penchant for putting down those who oppose and expose Communists in our society, than he does for exposing those who are Communists.
    H-m-m-m, Wonder why that was, and why no one on this post seems concerned about it? Could it be that those who posted here are graduates of schools here in USA and elsewhere — that have adopted the pro-communist education agenda recommended by the open – Communist Saul Alinsky, in his book: “Rules for Radicals”, which teach that communism, socialism, and Marxism are good and the U.S. is bad ?
    His counsel was to slowly and quietly infiltrate all aspects of government, media and education (including writing of textbooks), and give the appearance of being “good Americans”, yet planning and plotting to takeover and destroy the only nation that represents a real threat to their agenda to rule the world, and subject the people to their dictatorial form of government — just as they ruthlessly did in the Soviet Union (which you may have difficulty finding in our “socialized, progressive textbooks required for our students today).
    If you want to know the truth about history, read “A Patriot’s History of the United States”. Find the old movie “Dr. Zhivago” and view how terribly the communists treat those they enslave with their bloody and ruthless rule. You’ll wish there were some McCarthys around now, when you know the truth. The truth has been buried and hidden as they have carried out their slow evolution of the U.S. into communism.

  • Brian Keith O’Hara

    A man who felt that the duty of the press was to tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may. I don’t care whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Socialist or Facist, honest people aren’t afraid of the truth.
    I remember the 2006 White House Press Dinner, apparently there are only three real reporters left.
    Helen Thomas, John Stewart and Stephen Colbert. They have the guts to speak the truth to power. “Ed” would be proud of them.
    It is amazing the only people with the guts to tell the truth to power are a woman and two Comedians. And that isn’t funny at all.

  • hollingsworth

    A very well done movie, alright. ‘Good Night, and Good Luck’ takes advantage of all the advanced cinematic devices and techniques- no question. However, as to the direction the film means to take us all, and the conclusions we are meant to draw, there can be no dispute. Bottom line message: McCarthy was a right wing fanatic and a nut who had his facts twisted and hurt a lot of innocent people. Murrow,on the other hand, was an impeccably honest, hardhitting, take-no-prisoners teller of truth, an exploder of myths and falsehoods and those that spread them, and a mighty herald defending our liberties and American sense of fair play . That’s it, isn’t it, more or less?
    But as subsequent history has sorted it all out, I think McCarthy comes out looking pretty good, much better than these film makers want him to look. Our government bureaus and agencies, from the early thirties, well into the 50s, under both Roosevelt and Truman, at least, were hotbeds of Communist activity and infiltration. This is, at this point, an indisputable fact. I invite folks to read two books, one actively sympathetic towards McCarthy, the other grudgingly so. The former is a book entitled “Blacklisted By History,” written by M. Stanton Evans Crown Forum 2007. The latter book is entitled “Joseph McCarthy: Reexamining the Life and Legacy of America’s Most Hated Senator” by Arthur Herman, The Free Press, 2000. Both these books are eyeopeners, well researched and superbly written, particularly the first one. McCarthy was on to something, believe me. But his enemies, including Murrow, finally destroyed him.

  • B Dawg

    An amazing journalist, but no match for Lung Cancer

  • Murrow Fan

    Murrow told it like he saw it and in his broadcast recreated in “Good Night and Good Luck” he states, “We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty. We must remember always that accusation is not proof and that conviction depends upon evidence and due process of law.” This is spot on. Yes, there may have been some communists in the government, but McCarthy capitalized on people’s fears at the time and was not above persecuting anyone he saw fit and, especially, his political enemies, with half truths, innuendo, and outright lies. For the record, the censure was not just supported by the left. McCarthy deserves to have come to an ignominious end. No revisionist history will change the fact that McCarthy destroyed many innocent lives for his own political gain.

  • Murrow Fan

    Furthermore, from a conservative who lived during that time period, McCarthy repeatedly stated that he had a list of communists in the gov’t, entertainment industry, etc but never produced it and never exposed anyone.

    He did succeed in turning the people of Maryland against Senator Millard Tydings, (D-MD), listed in Tme Magazine as one of the ten best senators in America, at the time. In 1950, Senator Tydings challenged Senator McCarthy by calling his allegation that hundreds of communists were working in the State Department “a fraud, a hoax, and a deceit.” McCarthy responded by faking and distributing a composite picture of Senator Tydings (taken in 1938) standing with Earl Browder (taken in 1940), the former leader of the American Communist Party, whom Senator Tydings had never met before Browder testified before his committee in July 1950.

    McCarthy stands as a reminder of what extreme egotism and ambition can do.

  • DBuckley

    arocker (see below) says McCarthy exposed Communists “without a single known false accusation,” and the notion that Murrow and others wrongfully attacked McCarthy litters some of these comments. I invite the reader to research McCarthy’s original “I have in my hands the names of …” statement as a test of his sincerity and honesty. The document could never be produced in physical form, and McCarthy’s statement of the numbers named grew more and more vague as time passed, and the lie was exposed. Murrow used McCarthy’s own words to expose him, and McCarthy did not rebut any of the statements used in “See It Now.” Look at the Army-McCarthy Hearings to see further exposure of the McCarthy approach. No one should be so naive as to believe there were no active Communists in the Federal Government at the time, but McCarthy was more interested in self-promotion than in finding them. As I said, don’t take my word for it — research it yourself. Learn that arocker (and others) support a political agenda, not a factual one.
    p.s.- If Murrow was fired as a result (see below), then why was he still producing documentaries THREE years later?

  • elogco

    For those revisionists and apologists for the infamous Senator McCarthy, these Communists were , for better or for worse, our allies in WWII. The horrors of the Stalin regime were kept from the public and only subsequently exposed by Kruschev.
    Yet, Ruskies were demonized and any sympathizers were labeled ‘Pinkos’ and persecuted. Remember the Mujahideen, now the Taliban, were backed by us in their battle against the Soviet behemoth. But, now they are our mortal enemy. That’s why ‘Truth to Power’ as embodied by courageous journalists like Mr. Murrow is so vital to our democracy in protecting us from fear mongers such as Joe McCarthy.

  • Deep Throat

    Wow! In all respect under all the circumstances there is nothing wrong with telling the truth! For people with money and power to get ticked off and mess up a nice show it beyond me! Obviously there needs to be some changes to the way people listen, understand, and take in. McCarthy didn’t deserve all this Bull for telling the truth Mr. Senator did!

  • Mel Glid

    I’m glad to see someone finally “told the truth” about Murrow. Socialism which eventually leads to Communism has been proved time and again to be a failure. The means do not justify the end.
    What is most important to remember is the movie ” Good Night and Good Luck ” is just that , a movie. It was produced by the Holywood Left and is meant to sway opinion. They did a good job.

    Journalism is : who, what , when , where, how. Editorializing is not Journalism if it is not revealed as such. To date, we have swung so far to the left that true journalism has died. Reporters are to report, not make, nor sway an audience. Facts, just facts. It is up to the individual to process the facts. I don’t want to be told
    what to think. The press of today and the past 10 years has and is allowing themselves to be an instrument to forward a political agenda. The press has fallen in love with an ideology and will either ask soft ball questions, not investigate thoroughly, or omit information. I now see reporters engage in an argument or bait people being interviewed. Ask the tough questions, follow up, do not allow someone to skirt an issue. Do not become the news, nor make the news…just report the news. Murrow was the beginning of a downward spiral leading to poor journalistic integrity of today.

  • Steve H.

    You have a very sick and twisted view of history. I feel sorry for you as you are finding yourself more and more in the minority. A minority of pathetic losers.

  • The Old Pro

    I have been a radio announcer for forty years, and Edward R. Murrow has always been my roll model.
    This was a Man.

  • tanstaafl

    The ultimate award for journalism is the “Edward R Murrow Award”

    Am I the only idiot to remember that Murrow was fired by Paley of CBS because he offended sponsors?

    Murrow died as the head of USIA thanks to Jack Kennedy.

  • Amy

    Watched the film and several newsreels in History. If only Murrow were still alive…The Herald Sun would be toast.

  • Barnet

    I remember watching some of the documentaries voice-recorded by Murrow. His narration’s incredible!

  • Tom

    I love all the morons here proclaiming that it is somehow bad, in our country where we are FREE to have whatever political beliefs we wish, for someone to be a *gasp* communist.

    I am not a communist, nor a socialist. But to talk about ‘rooting out’ communists in the government is ABSURD…absurd in a country where we are FREE to believe and even to WORK TOWARDS whatever political ideals we wish.

    If you want someone blacklisted because they disagree with your politics, go join the Taliban, you clown of a teabagger.

  • Annie Bellie

    Ed Murrow is an honest person, What I dont understand is why he says THIS…is London. (and by the way, there shouldn’t be a … in-between this and is as far as my research goes). I watched the video on youtube and I really enjoyed it. He is very courageous, and it takes honesty to be courageous.

    I <3 u Ed Murrow! U rock!!!

  • Greg Chandonnet

    Edward Murrow rocks he is my hero.

  • CARL

    What a great man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob Hale

    Excuse me for barging in again…I wanted to comment on Murrow’s “This…is London” opening. The pause was the import element: “This…is London.” The emphasis was in the pause. Ed did not emphasize “THIS..” as indicated by one writer above. I asked Murrow about it, and that’s when I learned about his former teacher giving him the idea of the pause. He said he didn’t know where he’d be with that opening…or without his cigarette! He knew in 1960 that he was ill because of smoking, yet he felt compelled to take the USIA job under President Kennedy. Years later I talked with a couple of CBS newsmen who saw Murrow in his last days. They both said it was something they wished they’d never experienced…he was physically ruined by the chain smoking.

    Looking back I can only conclude that Ed Murrow was the right man at the right time with all the right stuff.

    And, how we could use him on the air today!


  • Jim

    When I reflect back on the fact that Murrow was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, I am reminded of the greatness that was once the fabric of America. My how times have changed. If only there were more Murrow’s in the world today, we might not be headed in the direction that we are. I can’t think of any journalist today that compares.

    Attorney Jim
    CEO, htpp://attorneydirectoryofamerica.com

  • Bob

    I remember his broadcast where he sent his volley of criticism to McCarthy. I had to shush my parents and tell them to listen, “This is important!” I said. When Keith Olberman did that show about Morrow, tears came to my eyes. Morrow should be right up there with Washington and Lincoln and Roosevelt.

  • Tom Whitehead

    To Bob Hale, who left a couple of reply’s above earlier: I’m so glad that there is someone today, who personally knew Edward R. Murrow. If you’re still in the Broadcast field, take up the Torch that Mr. Murrow carried. Speak in the manner of Mr. Murrow and ‘Tell IT like it is’. Bring back to us, the spirit of Edward R. Murrow: courage and the spirit of speaking the Truth. Those who do this WILL be remembered.

  • Kelley

    A very important informational note: Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert ARE NOT and NEVER HAVE BEEN JOURNALISTS! They are entertainers/comedians. That is why Jon Stewart’s program is on Comedy Central! Their “views” and “reporting of the news” is slanted, liberal satire…NOT NEWS! Edward R. Murrow would be rolling over in his grave to hear his name spoken in the same reference as these men.

    Please people, educate yourselves and do not take what is offered up as entertainment as THE TRUTH. Read for yourself, search out the relevant facts on issues, watch FOX News, CNN, and NBC, ABC, and CBS news to get a balance of the “facts.” But never, ever, EVER take what a journalist tells you at face value. Use your brain and search for yourself.

  • Lisa

    If anything, Edward R. Murrow made Joseph McCarthy accountable for his actions. If he is to have this power the senate gives him, he needs to use it wisely and for purpose of the senate, and not for personal gain. He was the classic ‘don’t do as I do, do as I say’ example and was simply exposed and brought down by his own words. We were fortunate to have decent men and women who saw this behavior as unjust and wrong, and we need to not only thank them for having the guts to take on these people, but to also thank them for speaking the truth and give merit to and define what patriotism, in any country, should stand for.

  • Tracey

    Does anyone know the realtionship between Edward R. Murrow and Joseph MaCarthy ?!?!

  • Dennis

    Murrow was a commie sympathizer and I’m sure he’s rolling in his grave after his nemesis Joseph McCarthy has been vindicated over and over again. Murrow was wrong about McCarthy and so much more and his true legacy is that he founded the socialist, left-wing, hate-America media.

  • morgan

    It would appear from studying that McCarthy was overly zealous in his attacks. Had he been better schooled in information gathering and more gentile in presenting it, he might have been taken seriously. Unfortunately, he was not. His approach came on too strong and evidently did harm some innocents.

    It now appears some who felt McCarthy needed to continue his work feel Edward R. Murrow was a communist sympathizer for exposing him. Mr. Murrow need not be a communist sympathizer to seek the end of unfair treatment of American people. The exposing of McCarthy’s heavy handed tactics is not proof Mr. Murrow was a communist sympathizer, that needed to be done regardless.

    I haven’t seen any of the movies mentioned previously, nor have I read any of the books. But I shall, and when I do, I’ll return and post more comments.

    I originally found this site while seeking more info on a man I remember as a teenager who came across as a reporter who sought to report the truth, without external influence. He may have had some bias, and as a teenager I may not have been able to detect that, but I remember none. This country, USA, needs some reporters with backbone and insight to spread the truth about what is happening in America.

    Were the banker bailouts really necessary?
    What if that had not been done? What would America be like?

    Obama swore it had to be or the whole country would collapse, was that true?
    Did big money people behind the scenes threaten to kill his family if he didn’t go along?

    Was it right for the supreme court to appoint a president in 2000?

    Was JFK killed because he wanted to abolish the federal reserve?
    Does the same fate await Ron Paul if he is elected?

    Can we trust the election process since the last three have had voter irregularities?

    Are communists infiltrating the education system and teaching socialist, communist values to our young?

    Go to you tube and watch “Naked communism”
    No nudity, just a video that takes a look at communism by posing a few questions.

  • Steve from Ohio

    Senator Joseph McCarthy was absolutely right about the people who were communists in the government. The release by the former Soviet Union of documents show that there were infiltrators in the government and were on the Soviet Union’s payroll.

    Edward R. Murrow was too powerful himself and in many American’s eyes could do no wrong. He was influenced by the Communists as many were his friends. He may himself had been a member….we will never really know for sure. Murrow destroyed Senator McCarthy and McCarthy never really was allowed to defend himself. The media even then was being infiltrated with communist leaning liberals by the education they were getting in US colleges that were being taken over by the Communists.

    Congressman Allen West just recently said that there are 80 card carrying members of the Communist party in the US Congress.

    Communism is alive and well here in the USSA.

  • Dan from CA

    Steve, you have been duped by both the late Sen. McCarthy and Congressman West. McCarthy was a right wing (and drunk) fanatic who tried to destroy the lives of many great Americans (and unfortunately succeeded in destroying some of them).. You should be grateful for people like Edward Murrow for putting a stop to it, but prefer to smear him instead.

    McCarthy was given SEVERAL chances to defend himself, but did not present a single name of a Communist in the State Dept when he was asked. He was afraid to do so, because then he would have been asked for facts and evidence and he preferred fear, paranoia, and hysteria instead.

    I think your Allen West comment speaks volumes. Why haven’t any other Senators agreed with him? It is easier to make these reckless charges than to put efforts into solving the nation’s problems.

    Lisa is right. McCarthy was a supreme hypocrite.

  • tyden the total boss

    he was a baller i wish he didnt die

  • bryan thomsen

    In recent years, there have been attempts by conservative authors and pundits to rehabilitate the late junior Senator from Wisconsin by saying that everything that has been said about McCarthy is all wrong, the historical record is wrong and that the record re-evaluated and corrected. The defenders of McCarthyism have gone so far as to suggest that Edward R. Murrow was a communist even though McCarthy had said as much in his rebuttal on See It Now in April of 1954. McCarthy didn’t back up his accusations with any evidence and his attempt to label Murrow as a communist sympathizer resulted in a further decline in his popularity.

    In the beginning, McCarthy, I believe had started his anti-communist with the best of intentions and he did prove that there were communists in the government, but for him to continue his quest, innocent people had to be sacrificed for McCarthy’s own personal aggrandizement.

    I have heard people who lived in that period refer to McCarthy as a bully, a blowhard, and demagogue of the worst kind and those who seek to rehabilitate and vindicate the late junior senator from Wisconsin seem to forget, ignore, or overlook the fact that the country got to see McCarthy in his own words and pictures and they were able to decide for themselves that what McCarthy was doing was wrong and was besmirching the image of this country of ours by making false accusations without proper regard for evidence and due process of law.

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