June 7th, 2006
George Gershwin
About the Composer

George Gershwin was born in Brooklyn in 1898, the second of four children from a close-knit immigrant family. He began his musical career as a song-plugger on Tin Pan Alley, but was soon writing his own pieces. Gershwin’s first published song, “When You Want ‘Em, You Can’t Get ‘Em,” demonstrated innovative new techniques, but only earned him five dollars. Soon after, however, he met a young lyricist named Irving Ceaser. Together they composed a number of songs including “Swanee,” which sold more than a million copies.

In the same year as “Swanee,” Gershwin collaborated with Arthur L. Jackson and Buddy De Sylva on his first complete Broadway musical, “La, La Lucille”. Over the course of the next four years, Gershwin wrote forty-five songs; among them were “Somebody Loves Me” and “Stairway to Paradise,” as well as a twenty-five-minute opera, “Blue Monday.” Composed in five days, the piece contained many musical clichés, but it also offered hints of developments to come.

In 1924, George collaborated with his brother, lyricist Ira Gershwin, on a musical comedy “Lady Be Good”. It included such standards as “Fascinating Rhythm” and “The Man I Love.” It was the beginning of a partnership that would continue for the rest of the composer’s life. Together they wrote many more successful musicals including “Oh Kay!” and “Funny Face”, staring Fred Astaire and his sister Adele. While continuing to compose popular music for the stage, Gershwin began to lead a double life, trying to make his mark as a serious composer.

When he was 25 years old, his jazz-influenced “Rhapsody in Blue” premiered in New York’s Aeolian Hall at the concert, “An Experiment in Music.” The audience included Jascha Heifitz, Fritz Kreisler, Leopold Stokowski, Serge Rachmaninov, and Igor Stravinsky. Gershwin followed this success with his orchestral work “Piano Concerto in F, Rhapsody No. 2″ and “An American in Paris”. Serious music critics were often at a loss as to where to place Gershwin’s classical music in the standard repertoire. Some dismissed his work as banal and tiresome, but it always found favor with the general public.

In the early thirties, Gershwin experimented with some new ideas in Broadway musicals. “Strike Up The Band”, “Let ‘Em Eat Cake”, and “Of Thee I Sing”, were innovative works dealing with social issues of the time. “Of Thee I Sing” was a major hit and the first comedy ever to win the Pulitzer Prize. In 1935 he presented a folk opera “Porgy and Bess” in Boston with only moderate success. Now recognized as one of the seminal works of American opera, it included such memorable songs as “It Ain’t Necessarily So,” “I Loves You, Porgy,” and “Summertime.”

In 1937, after many successes on Broadway, the brothers decided go to Hollywood. Again they teamed up with Fred Astaire, who was now paired with Ginger Rogers. They made the musical film, “Shall We Dance”, which included such hits as “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off” and “They Can’t Take That Away From Me.” Soon after came “A Damsel in Distress”, in which Astaire appeared with Joan Fontaine. After becoming ill while working on a film, he had plans to return to New York to work on writing serious music. He planned a string quartet, a ballet and another opera, but these pieces were never written. At the age of 38, he died of a brain tumor. Today he remains one of America’s most beloved popular musicians.

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  • meina

    yo i doing a project on this dude up der and well he pretty boring so if you know anything interesting bout him please email me. btw i meina

  • AnonymousViolinist

    Well, going to be hard to beat that comment, NoneYo. I’m also doing a small quarterly project on Gershwin, and we (the orchestra I play in and I) actually played Rhapsody in Blue, which is an enjoyable piece to play. Just thought I’d comment about it. If there are comments about how sappy THIS comment is, post ANOTHER comment cause my e-mail doesn’t work. I would also like to point out the urge to make slurs in the text, thanks to NoneYo.

  • eaglefc20

    pretty good explanation ’bout him. wat i needed 4 my skool report.


    im doin a report on george gershwin and it has to be about 7 paragraphs and 6 sentences 2 each paragraph and i need 2 dress up like him 2 on friday the 31 of oct

  • jere

    this dude did alot before dying…..pretty sweet….yeah i gotta do a report on him too..because in

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    that is so wack and u know it haha

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    report due tommorow!!

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    Dudes this Dude died in Hollywood! that is soo cool man! lol peace im out!

  • jonathan

    yea i’m doin a report on him….. sucks that he died so young

  • bah nah na

    ick. i hate school essays. i hav to do one on gershwin, louis armstrong and fletcher henderson. essays suck

  • Something

    Great American composer! Wonderful biography


    I just did a report on this guy for and American dream project. He is an amazing man who accomplished a lot in his life time and it shows that just because you don’t have a college degree that does not mean you cant be a 100 time more successful than a man with a yale degree.

  • Dillon

    George gershwin is awsome. Im in ramstein germany right now and im workin on this project for NHD. Im a junior and doing a project on this guy. I like how he changed his name so many times.


  • Anna McGrath

    Hey kids – You should be proud of yourselves for studying the life of this great artist. I find that when it comes to writing an essay about someone’s life, the best way to convey the meaning of their life is to visit some of the places they frequented, whether it is their birthplace, a bar down the street they used to go to, a school they attended, or the house they grew up in. In the case of George Gershwin, why not visit Tin Pan Alley in New York City? This is the original “street of dreams” where so many of Gershwin’s songs were composed. You’d be surprised how many of his songs you already know. Here is a recent article on Tin Pan Alley: http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/10/17/tin-pan-alley-was-never-very-pretty/

  • track stah

    well this guy seems pretty cool… i have to do an essay on him for skool and hes like the only cool guy in a list of a bunch of dead guys so give him some respect!

  • Allison

    Mmkay, I am ALSO doing a report on him. Buttttttt it’s fer history not music class o:
    Haha (:
    And stop talking like gangsters ._.
    I mena really xD

  • karla

    Thank whoever put this up. It was alot of help fr my report.

  • Kathleen Schofield

    Just saw a movie about George Gershwin’s life (Rhapsody in Blue on AMC) and it was amazing how many wonderful songs he wrote that I knew, but did not know that he was the composer of. What a talent! God really gives people special gifts and there is no doubt this man and his brother IRA were both fabulously gifted. And we are the recipients of all this wonderful music. We are surely blessed!

  • ughhh

    Wish i could do a report on someone like Hendrix, Slash or Angus Young! not this guy! GEESSSHH

  • ClarinetKaidee

    I think Gershwin is fascinating… Then again, I’m a music nerd… But anyway, I’ve found some pretty interesting things on him so far. I’m not sure all of it is true thought… >.<

  • Pat

    I grew up listening to his music on my parents 78 records, along with the “Big Band” music. I’ve seen the movie “Rhapsody in Blue” several times and would watch it again. The music is wonderful to listen to.

  • Jazzlover

    Hey kids, George was a regular kid growing up in NYC. Went to NY public schools until he dropped out of high school to take a job on Tin Pan Alley. He had a gift to not only write great music, but a remarkable piano player. Unfortunately he died in his 30’s, and in a very short time left us some of the greatest music in all genres; opera, show tunes, radio hits, orchestral; he did it all! Find a biography on his life, you’ll be amazed.

  • Lisa Hensley

    Ughhh, yes you should write a report on Jimi Hendrix and his choice to end a promising musical career by overdosing on heroin and how he spent his free time getting high and letting groupies make plaster casts of his p_ _ _ _! Or you could study Gershwin. A poor Jewish immigrant that learned to play on a neighbors piano and used his brilliance to create some of America’s greatest music. Gershwin didn’t spend his time wasted on smack to escape life, he embraced life and entertained millions through his musical creations and innovative technique only to die of brain cancer at age 38. Write about Hendrix-played the guitar, set instrument on fire on stage, overdosed on heroin.

  • Pacemakergershwin

    I can play the solo to Rhapsody in Blue on my clarinet!!! Gershwin is ‘mazin!

  • ghjdfgjjkkkkgiig

    heyyyyyyyy why is this guy dead and where i sssss he

  • euphonium anga

    he does have a lot of intersting things about him. If you go to the right website you’ll see that he had an affair with a woman name Kay, he named a song after her and everything. Hope that helps to some of you who couldn’t find anything

  • Veronica

    i am also doind a project on him. this guy has so much facts about him that i can’t keep track.

  • Claire

    I am also doing a report on him in history. this website was really helpful. He was amazing! i have one question though, how can he have died in 1938, be born in 1898, and die at the age of 38. it doesn’t work.
    Thanks anyway

  • Erin

    For you people who are saying George Gershwin was boring…are you blind?
    He was one of the greatest composers of his age!
    Do you realize how famous some of the songs he and Ira composed ARE?
    How dare you insult their memories by saying Gershwin was boring.
    I’m doing a report on this for my ENGLISH class right now, and I’m glad I picked George Gershwin for my topic, as he is my favorite classical composer.
    If you want to insult someone, go insult George Bush.
    Don’t you dare disrespect a musical genius like George Gershwin.

  • Austin

    come on u guys. this is an educational site. go get a facebook and talk there

  • Bigboy

    Im doing a project on this dude…Ya kinda boring and stuff. This is really boring and stuff. This guys a good person Kind of… I would rather do tony hawk tho. One of my friends got him.

  • Lynn

    Am enjoying a recording of Rhapsody in Blue, and wanted to know more about this amazing composer who tragically died so young — American Masters is a great series that really brings national treasures like him back to life. However, in reading a lot of the comments, I also discovered that we are raising a nation of morons, unbelievable.

  • Leigh Ann

    Georgie had a lot of great musical achievements and he isn’t boring…. but this site sort of is… i’m doing a report on him and have to site this page… so I have to know the author… where’s the author!!!!

  • Mac

    i am doing a project on george and it is pretty hard when u do not know alot about him ,but i am trying.lol

  • Sarah

    He was a GREAT composer. My favorite song was coposed by him, “An American in Paris.”

  • llama

    neat guy

  • Josh Turnpike

    hmmm ‘poor Jewish immigrant that learned to play on a neighbors piano’ or ‘letting groupies make plaster casts of his p_ _ _ _’ I know which I’d choose. Seriously Hendrix’s music has more influence on what’s happening in contemporary music than Gershwin. But the world is big enough for both, so why choose. I love both Hendrix and Gershwin, both American masters.

  • hdog

    Im ALSO doin a report on him he seems cool

  • kaidee

    why the heck would you do a project on hendrix’s ‘letting groupies make plaster casts of his p_ _ _ _’ for school? no offense meant, but i think that’s a little inappropriate…

  • i dont like musc class

    it seems like a lot of people are doin this guy for a school project…i am 2 it really sucks.. i think ill get an F. all these old composers are really boring.

  • matt

    i have to do a paper to anyone know any other good sites to go to?

  • george gershwin

    thanks for the support guys!

  • Trish

    I’m doing a project on this guy too and w/e but this article has very little info about George what nonsense is that thanks for the help[ what little i got. PEACE

  • Chi N. R.

    there is some good info on here. i’m doin a paper on him…

  • yoooo

    there is some great info here….im doing a research poster and crossword puzzle on him

  • Unknown Hero thats 11

    I am doing this project 2 this isn’t 2 bad unless u have a really strict teacher. I wouldn’t be offended of what other people say about this web page. Ya some people might make fun of this page but that doesn’t matter does it. I dont think people should be saying “this page sucks i would rather go play video games.” Because this is part of peoples education and without education……………..life would suck. You probably wouldn’t get a good job either. You would just be working at Mcdonalds saying “would you like some fries with that.” So the moral of the story is education is important no matter what we think about it. Education is still important.

  • Jenna

    this is asome info about george gershwin

  • music fan

    its sad to see all of your comments being so negative this man was a great pioneer in music. even some music that you all listen to today was greatly infuenced by gershwin. alot of artists today have bitten off of great composers like him. if your a music lover look harder and you will find his lyrics in many recent songs.

  • sexy guy

    i hate my music teacher making us do stupid projects i have 2 do it on this guy =(

  • trin

    For all the people who think Gershiwn is lame and how it’s a dumb report you have to do for school or how your’d rather do hendrix grow up like seriously you sound like little kids, open your minds and better yourselves culturally. It’s close minded people like you that I wanna kick in the face. I’m doing a musicology on jazz symphony and Gershwin’s works and It’s the most fascinating thing in music I’ve done so far and I’m in senior year with 3 months to go… If you pulled your heads out your arses and got it done instead of complaining about it you wouldnt have such a hard time..k thx bai

  • deborah

    While there isn’t a lot of information about Gershwin’s personal life, you can find some interesting quotes by Googling “George Gershwin quotes” and some external links on Wikipedia. Turns out, he was quite the ladies’ man and egotist. It’s kind of funny if you think about it.

    If you do conduct a paper on Gerswhin, listen to his music…really listen. “Rhapsody in Blue” is one of the most famous because it’s so accessible. Start there. Hypothesize what he was trying to say in the song then compare with researched information. Your teacher would likely be impressed.

  • Shadow

    this guy is amazing but very dull compared with Dell Paxton

  • funkymunky

    ….love the jazz…don’t know if a geneology project for english will work for him though….love his music!!! =D

  • dudethatdoesntmatter

    This guy is amazing. I didn’t really know who he was until I had to do this project on him, but I’m glad I actually did this one. He is such an amazing composer. “Rhapsody In Blue” is simply spine tingling. I feel lucky to have gotten Gershwin for a project.

  • lyn

    I was a lover of good music before I married by husband. When I came into the family, I learned that George Gershwin was a personal friend of my husband’s grandfather. The piano he used to play the Rapsody was given to my mother in law and the donated to the Washington Smithsonian.

  • cara

    you are awesome!!!!!(:

  • Amy

    I chose to use Gershwin as my speech subject about people in the 20s. We have to “be” the person and give a little demonstration–so I’m going to play the beginning of Rhapsody in Blue on my clarinet in class. Should be really fun. This man is amazing and I hope you are able to admire him as I do, despite that fact that you are “forced” to learn about him for a report.

  • bjof MO

    Those who think he’s dull – Let’s hope several of you are as gifted, talented and “dull” as he. Rather than be so shallow – why not try to figure out why his music has gained such wide, international respect?

  • sofi

    tap tap tap i love this guy ma cute !!!!!!!!!

  • melissa

    who is this man?
    this is not who i am loooking for
    well got to look for the man i need


  • shannon

    this info was helpful but please email me more info on this guy and any info on oklahoma and hair if you know any thing bout them thanks.

  • cherryrn

    Gershwin is the greatest American composer. People who are driven to produce a legacy seem to have a body sense of the need for immortality . They may not know it , but their body does. It must be the genes or the soul longs for it. George Gershwin only lived a short time but produces a wealth of work for later generatins to love.
    He was from an immigrant family and there was no TV and they listened to what is inside them. Just listen , shut off the computers and the silence will bring what is inside of you out. Listen to great composers . Gershwin put the story of his loves , music family, and his generation to music.

  • Margie Says

    I just watched a 1945 movie about George and Ira. I must say they accomplished a wealth of music and lyrics. The movie was also based around his family who incouraged them both to follow their dreams. You youngsters should see the movie, it says a lot.

  • Saoirse

    Seriously, whoever thinks that George is boring needs to get their heads out of their rear ends because believe it or not, he is a fascinating person and deserves respect for all of the hard work that he did throughout his lifetime. So stop whining about the projects you need to do and take a minute to appreciate him.

  • Will

    I am a 17-year old pianist who has been playing professionally since age 13. I specialize in playing George Gershwin’s music and just gave a concert where I played Rhapsody in Blue in public for the first time. Everyone has different taste in music, but for me, Gershwin is the greatest of all American composers, capturing the spirit of the America at his time. There is noise, humor, sadness, greatness, sneakiness – constant movement and energy America as the melting pot where people from all over the world came to have a better life. Gershwin said, “My people are Americans. My time is today.” Gershwin packed more into a short life that most people pack into two lifetimes, rising from the slums of New York to high society of the U.S. and Europe. His love of life and living it to the fullest comes through in everything he wrote.

  • Bruce

    What a marvelous composer and musician! I’m trying to decide if George Gershwin or Aaron Copland was the greatest American composer. Prolific beyond words, George did more to capture the uniquely American spirit in melodies than anyone else; sadly, like so many other mightily talented musical prodigies who passed away much too soon, such as Dinu Lipatti, William Kapell, Mado Robin and Mario Lanza, we will never get to enjoy the many great songs and melodies George would have written had he lived out his life.
    It almost seems that fate has conspired with Providence to remove such talent from our midst lest we become too addicted to their sounds of gold!

  • Laura

    George was a musical genius, and his brother Ira was a genius lyricist . It was Ira that the parents bought the piano for, but it was George that displayed the talent and interest. Ira went on to become a talented word-ster. These two were just incredibly talented, and even as a Led Zepplin & Pink Floyd fan in my youth, I always loved the Tin Pan Alley stuff. Think Irving Berlin, the Gershwin brothers, and then you have Jule Styne, Johnny Mercer, Harold Arlen (The Wizard of Oz – Hoagy Carmichael lyrics), etc…

    The Gershwin brothers hold a special place in my heart. The body of work they left for us to enjoy is just phenomenal.
    Someone to watch over me
    Lets call the whole thing off (tomato, ta-ma-toe, potato, pa-tat-o)
    Love is here to stay
    Great stuff if you chill and listen to it. Hey, I once thought looking cheap was cool. You grow up. Gershwin(s) Forever!

  • Jim

    Buongiorno chums, I’m doing an essay on Gershwin. the question asks to discuss whether or not Rhapsody in Blue could be considered a concerto, and the reasons for its popularity, just looking for some comments.

  • moi

    this is just a comment to say how sad I feel when I see people saying that George Gershwin is boring. Apparently whoever said that has never actually listened to his music at all… and in response to Jim ^^ I would not consider Rhapsody in Blue to be a concerto… yes there is a solo clarinet in the beginning but the definition of a concerto is orchestration written to accompany a solo intrument (ex. Gershwin’s Concerto in F) and the clarinet does not solo through the whole piece. It is what is it called. A Rhapsody. Which is an instrumental composition that is typically just one movement and is exuberant in character. Hope that helps. Good luck.

  • swimma7

    just wanted to say that i agree completely with moi. (not meant literally). Gershwin was freaking amazing. Listen to his music an you’ll understand. im doing a project on him too, and im realizing just how much he really did in his 38 years of life. He went from Tin Pan Alley all the way to Hollywood! dont dis Gershwin b4 you know ALL the facts.

  • IBHLMusicStudent

    Love Gershwin. <3

  • scott

    To those that think that only the music in their time is the “stuff” of listening too, hope you find a broader perspective. I was raised and trained classically on the stringed instruments, viola first, double bass second, and violin lastly. Grew up and went to electric bass and guitar when I wanted to emulate my high school years of classic R&B, but love the classics. If you feel forced to do a soul-searching project, then maybe you are not in the right school. If you want to take your talents solely on a contemporary level, then best of luck..hit the streets and sell your wares like Gershwin. Grandfather was a big band leader and remember many eveings jamming with him, mostly on my stuff and some of his. Unforgettable!

    P.S. Still remember Brandenburg Concertos for the bass, great music and a personal satisfaction.

  • ME!!!

    the MLA citation for this is

    “George Gershwin”. PBS. May 14, 2010 (or whatever date you accessed it) .

  • George Gershwin

    He was really a great composer, but that’s an awful picture of him.

  • Dora

    he was a really great composer, but he died at such a young age

  • Laithsmom

    I actually found a piece on George in a children’s book, and found it VERY intersting! Check out-”Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Composers-George Gershwin”. It covers from early chilhood, to adult, and is definitely NOT boring! I also own the movie “An American in Paris”. Watch it, it’s great!

  • cuteypatuty23

    george gershwin rocks.thank u this helps me with my music project.whoever put this up u rock

  • Cara

    Everyone seems to find something bad about George Gershwin on here, like he’s boring or something, but obviously you know nothing about where music came from ,because all of Katy Perry and Chris Brown, and everyone’s types of music had to start from somewhere. And guess what? It may happen to come from Gershwin. So shut up, and just do your projects. By the way, yes I’m about your age because I’m 14, and no I probably wouldn’t like his music if I listened to it, but don’t say he’s boring when you don’t even know ANYTHING about him. So keep that in mind~~~~~~

    Cara <3 :)

  • avery guy

    woever says that george is boring should really shut up bc george was one of the best composer in his time so hes not boring u are thank you and good by

  • Mary

    BBC Radio 2 just started a series on great composers last night.
    The first one was on George Gershwin.
    Hosted by Barry Manilow who loves music from this era;
    Has said he was born 40 years too early.
    Barry makes it very personable and entertaining.
    This could be his second vocation.
    Say what you will about Barry; but, he’s a genius in his own right.

    You will learn alot and find it very enjoyable.

    This link will work for the next 6 days.

  • Nick

    We have to do a group report on a time period. I’m stuck with Alex (a jerk), Cartier (another jerk), Andrew (a weirdo), and David (David is cool). We have to do 1920s – 1930s.

  • bob roark

    Sad to see how shallow our younger generation seems to be, judging by the comments and the lack of basic
    literacy. Maybe some day today’s trash talk, hip hop, etc. will fade away. What a job our teachers have with these
    examples of America’s future.

    Un-cool Bob

  • P.J.

    Hey kids, stop being so narrow-minded. You think adults are narrow-minded; remember many adults grew up in the days of Jimi Hendrix and adore his riffs and his mastery of the guitar. The other show stuff was just that….show. We still have Clapton, Page, and yes, Slash etc. But music is like a tree and the old masters — Bach, Beethoven, etc. were pretty “crazy” for their day too. All great composers are innovators and there is room on that tree for everyone and every kind of music. So stop being so narrow-minded and try to figure out why the people of Gershwin’s time thought he was the “cool” thing.

    It was very cool the way Gershwin mixed classical with American jazz. He was the first of many, I think. And remember without jazz, there would not be any rock, any hip hop, any rap — it’s all part of the base of music. So how about really learn something.

  • Gilda

    Why do these young, shallow, clueless creeps comment on someone they clearly know nothing about. To me it’s nauseating and shows disrespect of pure genius. Let them stick to what they know best..and what they refer to as “music” today.
    George Gershwin was one in a million..who else could write both classical and show tunes so brilliantly..and all before the tender age of 38! What a tragic loss.
    Have you ever heard him play the piano for “Rhapsody in Blue?” Both chilling and thrilling. And “American in Paris”, and those fantastic show tunes..who could possibly pick a favorite??
    Thanks to George Gershwin and brother Ira…the world’s a better place.

  • Musicgal

    i found this cute girl singing gershwin’s “someone to watch over me” … :)


  • alexandria

    7th grade general music doing report on him ………………..this is pretty interresting XD

  • Trevor

    Its sad to see such a talented man die so young.

  • Audra

    i want to know what inpired him to write what he did.

  • Da Capo 1913

    I hope NYC can save the original Tin Pan AllEy buildings # 41 thru # 57 West 28th St.
    George worked in # 45 ,old history book prove this from the 1930’s ,modern historians
    don’t know how research except what is already on Google.

  • 8pianist8

    I LOVE GERSHWIN!!! I’m also doing a report on him. I LOVE RHAPSODY IN BLUE!!!!!

  • Gershwinfan

    My boyfriend of ten years died of cancer in October. At thirty-three years old, he obviously was not an old man…and yet he adored Gershwin. Andrew was a fabulous musician, so he actually knew great music. We listened to and danced to the jazz and standards given to us by people like George Gershwin. It’s very difficult to listen to these pieces right now because Andrew’s death has been so devastating, but how I hope I’ll be able to enjoy them once again!

    P.S. It’s funny that every person who wrote anything negative about Gershwin has clearly been illiterate.

  • Steve

    If you want to know more about Gershwin, you have to read the definitive biography by Howard Pollack “George Gershwin: The Life And Work”. This is an absolutely superb book because the author is Professor of Music at University of Houston, so if you are a musician yourself you will find this book as good as it gets. What an enormous talent he was. He died way too young. Just think of how many more wonderful works he would have composed had he lived to an old age. His passing was one of the greatest tragedies in the history of music and entertainment, ever.

  • Kyle

    doing a report on this guy….. he seems cool enough, and i like rhapsody in blue…

  • Carole Harpole

    When I was in HIgh School in the band, I had to do a report on a musician and chose Gershwin from a long list of composers. Thank goodness the books about him were in library and at that point, I fell in love! I so love his music and the dance of the time (Astaire and Kelly). Every time I hear his music or see the dance with his music I stop and smile!

  • j

    Gerswin is really neat! :) :) :) :) :) :) :( :) :)

  • Rose

    George Gershwin sounds like an amazing person. Not only that, but a musical genius. It’s sad that children were whining about a clearly great man, who lead a great life. I have to do a report on this man as well, and sadly knew nothing before him until I was assigned with this report, but from what I’ve read I feel sort of ashamed because I knew nothing of him beforehand. It’s terrible that he had to die at such a young age.

  • musiclover

    I’m doing a report on him, he seems to be an awesome composer. To bad he died at a young age, he would have made amazing music if he lived a bit longer. I love his song ♪Rhapsody in Blue♪ it’s so beautiful!

  • music1010student

    I remember growing up and listening to Rhapsody in Blue at my grandmothers house. She was very big into music and paid for some piano lessons for me. I love this song… so I am also doing a report on Gershwin and his rhapsody in blue. All you others out there who did reports, I am looking for more good reliable sources/books/reports etc besides this awesome website. Any suggestions???

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